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Marketing situation right-now 

In the period of modern high-speed development, people’s cultural level is getting higher and higher, thus their aesthetic concepts have also improved. As a product, its packaging is crucial. According to their consumer psychological characteristics, cosmetics packaging design should make full use of the rules of color association, fully satisfy women’s beauty, superiority, charming, which can display their personality and value, and thus promote the continuous increase of cosmetics consumption.

Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics
cosmetics packaging -blog
cosmetics packaging -blog
Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics

The main psychological characteristics of female consumers  

The psychology of seeking beauty is outstanding. Everyone has a beautiful heart, and this is especially strong in female consumers. In the purchase process, women have a special preference for products that can beautify life, have strong decorative features, unique shapes and novel styles. In women’s memory process, they have strong emotional memory. Therefore, aesthetically pleasing and valuable products often form a strong stimulus for them to make them uncontrollably excited, affect their shopping mood, and then generate a certain desire to buy or possess, thereby laying the foundation for the realization of purchase behaviour.

The cognition is delicate and the decision-making has strong emotion. Female consumers have rich and delicate emotions. When they encounter interesting products, they are prone to purchase desires, and are also easily affected by the surrounding environment, and quickly make purchase decisions. When women make purchase decisions, they are easily tempted by the visual impression and the appearance of the product. Beautiful product packaging, bright window display, and a good shopping environment can arouse female consumers’ positive emotions and generate purchase desire.

Strong self-awareness and rich association. Female consumers often compare the self-comparison of goods in the purchase decision and associate the consumption effect of the goods. Female consumers often use the methods of peer evaluation and comparison in the propaganda media to feedback the impact of products on their self-image. Have a strong recommendation desire for the products you are satisfied with, and the rumor effect is more prominent for the products you are not satisfied with.

Packaging, originally designed to protect goods during transit, has long been expanded to include many highly innovative features. Products and packaging are coordinated and, where possible, personalized so that they can meet individual expectations without any additional cost.

Comparing to show off is more intense. Showing off the psychology of showing one’s superhuman place by shopping is a concrete manifestation of beauty and fashion. Contemporary women, especially young and middle-aged women with higher family incomes, like to compare with others in life, and always hope to live better, more comfortable, and richer than their colleagues, relatives, and friends. In their consumption activities, in addition to meeting their basic living consumption needs or making themselves more beautiful and fashionable, they may also pursue high-end, high-quality, high-priced brand-name products or have strange, vulgar, elegant appearance And other distinctive products to show their superior position, economic prosperity, and elegant taste.

The trend of cosmetic packaging design

Eco-responsible packaging should become a fashion. While the industrial revolution has caused rapid economic growth, it has also rapidly reduced ecological resources, severely polluted and damaged the living environment of human beings, which has aroused the general concern of the whole society. Nowadays, people’s awareness of the environment is increasing, and they are more and more aware of the urgency of environmental issues and the importance of green cosmetics packaging.

a label meaning recycle and words of Eco friendly packaging nearby

Modern packaging design applies color association to packaging design scientifically and reasonably, making color design closer to life, and more towards modern environmental protection and natural design direction, which is also a requirement for colour. The association of colors is closely related to human personality, gender, living habits, psychological conditions, living environment, nationality, age, and cultural level, etc., and changes with the changes of times and fashion.

Color can make the emphasized theme image more vivid and prominent, so it is easy to attract the attention of others, the goal is clear, and it can attract people’s attention. The ultimate purpose of layout design is to make the layout clear and organized, and to use a pleasing organization to better highlight the theme and achieve the best results. It helps viewers pay attention to design, enhance the understanding of content, and enhance the appeal and formal beauty of the design.

The trend of packaging is getting closer to people’s cultural needs. In a broad sense, culture includes things at the material level as well as things at the spiritual level. In the narrow sense, culture mainly refers to things at the spiritual level, such as philosophy, religion, art, morality, and some materialized essences such as interests, systems, and behavioural methods. Modern packaging design has the cultural characteristics corresponding to the market, and it is a reflection of the values, ethics, lifestyle, aesthetics, etc. of the local people.

Cosmetics packaging design today

Combining the development trend of cosmetics and its packaging, the DIY beauty packaging of modern cosmetics has the following characteristics in terms of choice of cosmetics packaging materials and containers, structural design of cosmetics packaging containers, and decoration design of cosmetics packaging containers:

Cosmetic packaging design trends

The application range of plastic materials and composite materials in cosmetic packaging is getting larger and larger, and the shape design of packaging containers, especially plastic bottles, tends to be diversified.

plastic cosmetic packaging -design
glass bottome -cosmetic packaging

Use of glass bottles is restricted

Due to the inherent disadvantages of glass bottles (such as specific gravity, fragility, etc.), for general cosmetics packaging, if plastic materials or composite materials can be used instead of glass containers for packaging, plastic containers or composite containers are often used for packaging, and for high-end cosmetics Or volatile and easily scented cosmetics packaging, such as perfume, are usually packaged in glass bottles.

Diversification of packaging container

Diversification of packaging container specifications to meet different consumption levels. Due to the intensified competition in the cosmetics market, manufacturers are increasingly investing in cosmetics packaging. For low-to-medium-grade cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the capacity of the packaging container is diversified to facilitate consumer choice; for high-end products, small-capacity packaging is used to meet the needs of low-income people, especially young girls Consumer psychology due to curiosity.

Serialization of cosmetic packaging design.

The so-called serialized packaging design refers to the same type of product packaging design based on the premise of a unified trademark pattern and text font and based on different colors, water patterns, or different modeling structures. The requirements are the same as the differences, and the differences are the same. , Both diversified and holistic. In the practical application of cosmetic packaging, there are generally two cases. One is: a series of packages of cosmetics of the same brand and different functions are packaged to facilitate the purchase of consumers, while the overall price is lower than the total price of individual purchases.

The characteristics of cosmetics required

Cosmetics packaging should increasingly meet the needs of individual development. Cosmetics packaging must correctly communicate the characteristics of cosmetics required by different individual consumer needs, and express the aesthetic taste of different people, in order to successfully achieve the sales of cosmetics.

Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics
cosmetic packaging

Spray packaging for the convenience of consumers

Some cosmetics such as mousse, perfume, and other products use packaging such as spray packaging for the convenience of consumers. The packaging of cosmetics is paying more and more attention to the design of the structure of the container and the design of accessories, making consumers easy to hold, easy to use, and easy to quantify in various environments.

High-end packaging

high-end cosmetics packaging, modern cosmetics packaging design focuses on the interaction between consumers and goods. Consumers rely on the transmission of design to create interactive emotional dependence on products, such as the packaging design of many beverages, which constantly change the original basic pattern. The image of the most fashionable image spokesperson is continuously passed on to fashionable young consumers. “Forefront” information concept to meet the emotional requirements of consumers in specific age groups.

The application of carton packaging

In the paper packaging structure of modern goods, the carton of the glue-free molding structure is becoming more and more popular.

In the fully automatic molding process, a lot of folding boxes of the glue-free structure began to replace traditional cartons with adhesive structures.

① Single carton cosmetics packaging and double-side wrapping folding carton This carton is mainly based on surface decoration to match the shape of the carton. The shape of the carton needs to be matched with the product design to highlight its practical features. The variety of make-up, such as pressed powder, eye shadow box, makeup box, etc.

②Single bottle with compartment folding carton This is a perfume box that comes with a soap gift in China. This carton consumes more paper, but the compartment structure can provide a good buffer Effect, can effectively protect goods, and the size of the cosmetics packaging content can not be seen from the surface, more suitable for cosmetics packaging. It should be noted that the structure of the carton must be made of cardboard with better flexibility.

③Cross-sealed folding carton This is a folding carton used by Shiseido cosmetics to packaging perfumes. The design direction is to open the display in the window as the main purpose, which can better display the goods. The inside of the box is also printed with exquisite patterns to match the packaged perfume container. The sealed carton can be suitable for transportation and sales needs. It is a typical display and transport dual-use carton.

In addition, combination packaging is a branch of serialized cosmetics packaging, which can also be called collective cosmetics packaging. It is to package cosmetics of the same brand and different functions in a series of packages to facilitate the purchase of consumers and at the same time make the overall price lower than the total price of individual purchases. For example, there are various kinds of noble cosmetics such as makeup packaging gift boxes powder, eye cream, lipstick, etc. are packaged in complete gift boxes, which can improve the valuable quality and sales force of the products. Coupled with the successful decoration design to enhance its visual impact, it is even a good cosmetics packaging choice. The most typical one is a folding carton. The compartment design in the structure can be flexibly adjusted according to the number and shape of the contents.


Cosmetics packaging directly affects customers' purchasing psychology, and product cosmetics packaging is the most direct advertisement. Excellent packaging will not only attract customers' attention in the store but also further enhance the product. It is a market strategy that no well-known company dares to ignore. We have focused on cosmetics packaging design for many years. For all kinds of packaging, we are pursuing fashion, environmental protection, and quality.


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Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics