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With more and more consumers opting to purchase everything from their groceries to their pet foods to their clothes online, sturdy and durable shipping boxes have become more important than ever. Primepac proudly offers a selection of shipping boxes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, closure types, and dimensions to fit all your needs. While not only functional, our high quality and carefully constructed shipping boxes will help your brand shine.

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Primepac’s shipping boxes are made from robust corrugated paper. This thick cardboard has an extra layer of wavy fibre in between the sheets to make it stronger; the ideal material for shipping.

Made of durable kraft corrugated cardboard that is recyclable and eco-friendly, the pre-creased flaps easily fold in to create a box shape. Seal with packaging tape to secure the box.

Our professional-grade corrugated paper allows you to easily label our shipping boxes with stickers. You can also write directly on the box for contents identification.




Our shipping boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from mini to extra-large, square to rectangle. We can also customize the size and shape to fit atypical items.

Our shipping boxes can be used for moving, storing, or shipping. Made from sturdy corrugated paper, use our high-quality shipping boxes to pack, store, and transport your products and valuables.

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Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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