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Primepac has you covered for all of your Italian takeaway packing needs. From pizza boxes to calzone containers to aluminium lasagne and pasta takeaways, Primepac offers great prices, food-grade materials, and high-quality goods. Plus, you can get easily and affordably customize and brand your Italian takeaway packaging with your own logo and designs so your customers never forget where their mouth-watering pizza and pasta came from!

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Primepac’s durable corrugated cardboard pizza boxes are eco-friendly and made from recycled cardboard. Our boxes are stiff and can be die cut to acquire any shape including rectangular, square and circular boxes.

All of Primepac’s Italian takeaway food packaging is perfect to add stickers, stamps, or labels to. Better yet, check out our various printing techniques and upload your logo to print directly onto your packaging.

When it comes to your Italian food, quality matters. The same is true for the box, package, or container that delivers it. With Primepac, you can choose from our sustainable corrugated pizza boxes, food-grade plastic or paper containers for salads and pasta, or aluminium disposable food containers.




Primepac’s pizza boxes, aluminium containers, food-grade plastic boxes, and paper products are all made to be customized by material, size and dimensions, box assembly style, lid type, and more.

Nearly 264 million pizzas are eaten every year in Australia, and of these pizzas, approximately one third are delivered in a corrugated cardboard packaging boxes. With Primepac's large selection of corrugated cardboard pizza boxes (as well as a plethora of other Italian food packaging options), buying your Italian takeaway food packaging from Primepac is a no brainer!

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