Southeast Asian Food

Whether you’re looking to package Indian curries, spicy Thai noodles, or Korean bim baps, Primepac offers an assortment of styles, sizes, styles, and materials specially crafted to fit your Southeast Asian foodservice establishment’s needs. We carry lunch boxes, noodle boxes, multi food pails, takeout tray containers, and other takeaway packaging that is made of high-quality materials. Our Southeast Asian to-go ware is always food grade and can be customized and branded to your business or restaurant.

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With your choice of Southeast Asian takeaway packing ranging from foam, foil, paper, plastic, or even sustainably made sugarcane/bagasse, you’re sure to find a take-out container option that is perfect for you.

Our disposable platter boxes, trays, cartons, containers, salad packs, platter inserts, bowls and a variety of lids work perfectly to help serve your offerings up hygienically and attractively.

Your delicious food deserves to be packaged in the takeaway containers it deserves, and at Primepac we offer your choice of stickers, custom made sleeves, labels or a variety of printing techniques to display your restaurant or catering company’s name and brand.




Pick from all different sized, shaped, and coloured Southeast Asian to go packaging made from a range of materials so you can customize every aspect of your takeaway containers! Adding stickers or stamps with your business’s logo onto our chic packaging options is a budget-friendly way to impress your customers and save you money!

Just as there are a wide variety of Southeast Asian countries, cuisines and specialities, Primepac offers a wide variety of takeout packaging options to suit your food service establishment’s needs. From to-go cups for boba teas to noodle boxes for bulgogi and more, tailor design your to-go packaging with Primepac.

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Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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