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In this article, we will explore the various aspects of this versatile packaging solution. From understanding what a flask glass bottle is, to uncovering its multiple applications, we will take a deep look into why it is the optimal choice for your liquid product. Additionally, we will introduce the custom options available to your liquor brand, enabling you to create a unique and visually appealing flask glass bottle.

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Table of content

  1. What is a flask glass bottle?
  2. What is the flask glass bottle used for?
  3. Why the glass flask bottle is the best match for your liquid product?
  4. What are the custom options for flask glass bottle ?


What is a flask glass bottle?

A flask glass bottle, also known as a “flask,” is a container made of glass that is commonly used to contain and transport liquids.

Why do these bottles usually come with long narrow necks?

The slender neck of a flask glass bottle enables packers to seal it effortlessly with a small cap, minimizing the size of the seal and consequently reducing the amount of air that enters the liquid, which decreases the likelihood of bacterial contamination. Additionally, the narrow neck is simple to grasp, unlike wider alternatives that can be challenging to hold for extended periods.


What is the flask glass bottle used for?

These uniquely shaped bottle are often used to contain alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, bourbon or other spirits. However, flasks can also be used for a variety of other liquids, including non-alcoholic beverages (cold brew coffee), oils, and honey.


Why the glass flask bottle is the best match for your liquid product?

  • Glass material keeps liquid stable

Glass flask bottles are a stylish and practical way to store and transport a variety of liquids. They are made from glass, which itself is a better material choice over plastic or metal because glass is stable, non-toxic and less likely to react chemically with the liquid in the container.


  • Narrow neck design for smooth pouring

Flask glass bottles usually come with a narrow neck design, which helps liquids pour smoothly, making them an effective high-end choice for whiskey, rum, and other alcoholic products.

  • Screw capsor corks for liquid preservation

Flask glass bottles are usually equipped with screw caps or corks to prevent spillage and maintain the flavor and aroma of the liquid within the container.


  • Transparency for enhanced display

The high transparency of the flask glass bottles allows people to easily observe the color and transparency of the spirits, which helps the vivid display of alcoholic products on the shelves.


  • Versatility in sizes and shapes

Glass flask bottles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for a wide range of applications, whether your brand is alcoholic or non-alcoholic or you are just looking for a stylish yet environmentally friendly way to store liquid.

What are the custom options for flask glass bottle ?

Flask glass bottles usually come with screw caps or corks to seal off the bottle top to prevent spills and maintain freshness.

  • Cap types  

Liquor flask bottles can have various types of caps, depending on the design, brand and intended use. Here are some of the common types of caps you may find on liquor flask bottles:

1.Aluminum cap

2.Metal tamper evident cap

3.Plastic tamper evident cap

4.T-Cork with plastic top

5.Wood tapered cork

  • Common sizes

Alcohol flask bottles come in various sizes to accommodate different preferences and occasions. Common alcohol flask bottle sizes range from 100-500ml. Here are some common sizes:

  1. Nip or miniature
  2. Half pint
  3. Demi
  4. Fifth
  5. Liter
  6. Half gallon
Different Types of Bottles Milliliters  




Nip or Miniature


50 ml 1.7 oz
Half Pint  

200 ml



6.8 oz



350 ml



11.8 oz



750 ml



25.4 oz



1,000 ml


33.8 oz
Half Gallon  

1,750 ml


59.2 oz
  • Bottle shapes

Whiskey flask bottles come in a variety of shapes, with the traditional round, square and flat shapes being the most common.

1.Round shape

2.Square shape

3.Flat shape

  • Decoration options

Decorating flask glass bottles is an important aspect of branding and marketing for distilleries. Labeling and screen printing are the two most common forms of decoration.


2.Screen printing


In conclusion, the flask glass bottle is an ideal choice for storing liquid products due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. It offers custom options to suit different needs and preferences.

Whether for personal use or as a promotional item, the flask glass bottle provides a stylish and functional solution. Consider choosing flask glass bottle to enhance the packaging and presentation of your liquid product.


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