Protection Film

Protection film is created and designed by Primepac to be a material that protects surfaces that are susceptible to damage- everything from minor abrasions to deep scratches and more. Protective film just one of Primepac’s many high-quality shipping and packaging products that comes in a variety of materials and dimensions to fit your needs. Protection film is vital to protecting your package while giving you the high-quality look and secure feel you and your clients will be sure to appreciate. Protect paper, cardboard, plastics, and even metals and glass with Primepac’s surface protection films- shop now!

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Primepac’s protection film can be made from a variety of plastics, and also be made of paper to protect against very low-impact damage.

Primepac’s high-quality, trusty surface protective film is user friendly and can easily be applied and removed.

As with almost all of Primepac’s products, custom stickers, labels, and logo printing are all options for our protection film to be tailored to your brand.




Primepac offers a variety of protection films available in clear, blue, black or white, which can be custom designed and manufactured for various surfaces, circumstances, thicknesses, and shapes.

Primepac has a wide selection of surface protection films to cover anything from packages and boxes to protection films that protect carpets, floors, windows, metal, ducts, counters, cars, and a variety of other surfaces. Our products are durable, designed with you and your needs in mind.

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Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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