Introduction to take away container

The take away container. Takeaway containers have become an almost daily aspect of our lives, whether it’s a salad, soup or a Chinese take-away. These simple take away boxes have also become very significant for consumers.

The environment, the packaging material, manufacturing ethics have all become at the forefront of the consumer. Yet on the flip side for the businesses, we must also consider the cost and spatial impact said packaging will have on our budget for take away container.


In simple words merchants in Australia need good-quality take away containers that are cost efficient, space saving, and won’t have a negative effect on the environment without forgetting another important factor. Take away containers that can be safely heated in the microwave!


Nowadays brands with an environmental take are more and more important. Check this article about take-away packaging containers to learn how your business can benefit from choosing the correct type of packaging for your industry.


Today, with consumers constantly evolving, take-out, delivery, and third-party delivery services have become the norm in many restaurants and other food and beverage service venues. As a result, disposable takeaway packaging has become an important part of the operation.

There is a wide variety of takeaway boxes, but with increasing bans and increasing consumer demand for sustainable packaging, you may be interested in a more environmentally friendly option for your business. Despite changes in legislation and consumer demand, budget constraints remain an issue.

takeaway container

Take away container materials


Before we begin, we should go back to the basics. What materials should we use for our containers?

There are many types of takeaway containers. And the biggest difference among them is their materials. Moreover, different materials of take-out containers have different functions.

Let’s start with the materials of  take away container and their advantages and disadvantages.

Foam-one of take away container

In addition to plastic bags, the earliest takeaway containers were plastic lunch boxes.

First of all, it is light and durable and more importantly, it is large enough to hold more food.

If you want to know more about the foam, please check here What is foam.


Advantages of foam

The plastic material of take away container can maintain the temperature of hot or cold food.

For one thing, it takes up less space because it is stackable. On the other hand, people can use plastic to make various styles. As a result, the plastic take-out meal box has its own lock and does not require additional processing which is convenient and cost-saving. More importantly, plastic lunch boxes can also prevent food leakage.


People cannot put plastic lunch boxes in microwave ovens. Moreover, it is less environmental than other materials

Aluminum foil-one of take away container

People can put the aluminum foil in the oven to reheat it. Therefore, generally speaking, Italian restaurants and pizzerias will preferly choose aluminum foil as take away containers.

environmentally firendly packaging like aluminium foil can provide good protection to the product


The aluminum foil has a good load-bearing capacity so that it can handle heavier foods.

There is no doubt that it is a good choice for baked food as there’s no harm to put it in the oven to heat. People use it to heat food without any burden by making use of its strong heat receiving ability. Moreover, the take away container will not absorb grease and contaminate other places because this material can isolate grease.

Carton box

The carton is an economical takeaway container while discarded cartons have no negative impact on the environment. Therefore, this is also an environmentally friendly way. In addition, various patterns can be printed on paper boxes. Among them, Chinese style patterns are very popular.

carton box


The carton is foldable to save space for businesses and users. People can make the inside of the carton resistant to grease by treating the carton also added a leak-proof design to the carton. In this way,  it is also a very clean and hygienic choice as the grease will not leak out and the liquid will not leak out.  Meanwhile, it can maintain the freshness of food for a long time. The carton is a natural raw material of kraft paper. and people use a chlorine-free manufacturing process. And, the oil-resistant component is soybean mixed ecological wax. Nowadays, cartons are increasingly replacing plastic packaging , which can reduce a lot of waste plastic. So it is very good for the environment. Meanwhile, this does not sacrifice its function.

In addition, people can provide paper for take away containers that are heat-resistant and suitable for microwave ovens. Therefore, it also replaces aluminum foil to take out containers on many occasions.

As such, it is perfect for parties, food trucks, and restaurants.

Plastic-one of take away container

Plastic is a strong and versatile takeaway packaging. When the food reaches the customer, the food in the plastic package will neither leak nor become cold.

Six Bio-plastic Boxes of different color

Advantages of plastic

The appearance of plastic takeaway containers is stronger than other materials, which is a good advantage for transportation. Meanwhile, people can use the plastic itself to make a tightly sealed takeaway container without the need for additional materials. While in the absence of large bumps, the sturdy plastic packaging can keep the food inside intact. Moreover, it is transparent enough to show the products inside. For microwave ovens and freezers, plastic packaging can be adapted. Besides, people can customize their packaging by printing icons and stickers which can make the business personalized. Moreover, this is also conducive for the spread of the brand and recyclability.

Bagasse-one of take away container

Bagasse, whcih can be used to make durable containers, is the byproduct left after people squeeze sugarcane for juice. And the takeaway container with this natural disposable bagasse is eco-friendly and recycle. Moreover, people can biodegrade him. Therefore, this sustainable, renewable, and degradable material has attracted many environmentally friendly consumers. At the same time, the takeaway container with bagasse is also very strong and it is easy to clean up. In addition, no wax lining is required, and it will not leak oil and liquid. People can use it to heat or freeze food Consequently, it is also a substitute for traditional plastics, cartons, and foam.

It is a sustainable choice, since it is 100% sugar cane fiber, people can compost it commercially instead of sending waste containers to landfills, which greatly reduces the use of landfills.


Types of take away container

Take-out containers come in various styles, sizes, and shapes to ensure that each food has usable packaging. Moreover, whether it is to take home leftovers or buy food in disposable packaging, people need reliable food containers to maintain a safe temperature. At the same time, to prevent leakage and maintain food hygiene,that ‘s why there are many types of them. Moreover, a wide variety of types can diversify services, displays, and menus which helps to increase profits.

So, let’s take a look at what kind of takeaway containers should be used for different foods.

Chinese style takeaway container

The Chinese style takes out containers in Chinese style from pattern to style. For example, some traditional Chinese food will use the Chinese style that is very popular recently. Therefore, using Chinese-style takeaway containers will also give users a trendy experience which can increase the popularity of people’s restaurants. Moreover, people can use paper, plastic, or sugarcane juice as materials.

Therefore, Chinese style take-out containers can also have their functions.

Chinese style

Deli take away container

For some cooked food, people need to be able to see the food clearly when they are buying. Moreover, after the purchase, people have to heat them up. Therefore, people usually choose transparent materials that can be heated. Such as plastic or paper boxes with transparent windows and aluminum foil. Besides, in order to preserve the taste and soup of the cooked food, it also needs a good seal.

At this time, people prefer choose a take-out container with a good seal.

Take away container for soup

Paper cups and bowls are basically tasteless. For soup, people generally choose paper cups or bowls which can prevent the oil from leaking into the soup. Meanwhile, people are healthy and comfortable in contact with cups and bowls when drinking.

Moreover, it is easier for people to make holes in paper. Therefore, the steam of hot food can be released through the vent.

Take away container for parfait or yogurt

For parfait and yogurt, people generally want to see it clearly. Moreover, for some exquisite parfaits with very rich materials, the merchants also want to show their good-looking appearance. Or, people also want to see the amount of cereal, nuts, and fresh fruit in some yogurt cups. At this time, people usually need coasters to separate them from the yogurt. Moreover, this allows people to choose the amount to add. For the purpose of meeting the above requirements, people use transparent cups or bowls to show their appearance. Moreover, transparent cups and bowls are good ice cream containers.

In addition, according to the style of parfait and yogurt, people can also choose lids of different heights.

parfait or yogurt

Take away container-Cupholder

When carrying burgers, French fries, corn husks, etc., it is usually inconvenient for people to carry drinks. So, for beverages, people produced cup holders. And this can prevent the drink from leaking during the uneven carrying process. Generally speaking, the cup holder includes layers of flat trays. Moreover, it can hold cold or hot beverages. People usually use cardboard, bagasse, etc. to make cup holders. Moreover, according to the size of the portion, people can make a cup holder for a drink or a cup holder for holding several drinks at the same time.


Bottle rack

The bottle rack is similar to the cup holder. It can make people go home with a lot of soda, beer, or wine at the same time.

And it avoids a lot of inconveniences.

Take away container for carrying coffee and beverage

Sometimes people want to take home a lot of freshly made coffee or freshly brewed beverages. At this time, ordinary drink cups are very inconvenient. Usually, people can choose coffee boxes and beverage bags that they carry with them. As the name suggests, there is a beverage bag in the coffee box. And people can put coffee or drinks into the beverage belt. Then, people can bring the drink into the box. Moreover, the inclined cardboard of the coffee box facilitates the pouring of drinks or coffee.

For cold drinks, there are special beverage bags.

carry lots of coffe or beverage

Take away container for bread 

A bakery needs a lot of bread boxes providing people to take away. Sometimes, the bakery also needs bread and to store bread so that people can make better choices. And depending on the type of bread, the bread box has many different sizes and materials. For example, the most common is the paper box. First of all, it is very healthy. On one hand, its lining can prevent oil from leaking. On the other hand, it is easy to store and has good environmental benefits. However, for some cases where the appearance of the bread needs to be displayed,  people can choose a transparent plastic box or some cartons with windows. For the lining, people generally use dry wax lining.

What’s more, for some bread that needs to be heated in the oven, people can choose aluminum foil. Sometimes people choose to use plastic boxes to store bread for recycling purposes. However, in some low-cost bakeries or the early days, people also directly used plastic bags to pack bread.

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bread box

Take away container for cake

Containers are essential for cakes. During the display, if people use opaque containers to hold cakes, purchases of consumers may be greatly reduced. Therefore, people generally use transparent materials to hold cakes. Among them, the most common transparent plastic box. Moreover, the non-slip bottom plate at the bottom of the container is very important. And this can prevent the cake from tilting or collapsing during carrying. Generally speaking, people use grease-proof cardboard or plastic plates to prevent the cake from sliding left and right. However, sometimes people choose opaque containers for cakes. People will choose an opaque transparent cover to firmly click into its bottom. Thus, this effectively forms an airtight seal. In addition, the transparent lid is easy for people to view and display the cake conveniently.

Moreover, the bottom plate also needs to have a smooth and smooth cut surface to prevent damage to the container.

Especially for larger cakes, the cake pan is essential. And opaque cake takeaway containers can often add to the mystery. In a word, the material of the cake takeaway container is still being selected according to the functions that the merchant wants to give customers.

And the common ones are paper boxes, plastic boxes, and environmentally friendly containers made of cane juice.


Take away container for cupcakes

When making cupcakes, a cup needs to be used to set off the cake, which prevents the batter from sticking to the baking sheet or pan. Moreover, the copy provides an outer layer of protection which helps stop bacteria from shipping in ovens and showcases. When displaying in public, people can ask customers to make sure that they have not touched the cake. And this can make customers more at ease.

If the cup is not used, it will dry out when people remove the baked goods. The baking cup helps maintain moist taste and mouth-feel. Moreover, the copy prevents the edges of the baked goods from being cooked too quickly and zooming. Besides, people make sure that the size, shape, and style of the bread’s appearance are consistent.

Similarly, according to the type of bread toast and personal preference, there are many types and colors of the cup. Regarding its size, people first flatten the cup and then determine its baking size. Usually, people first measure the bottom diameter of the cup. Then, people measure the wall height. And this completes the accurate selection of copy size.

take away container for cupcakes

Muffin take away container

Because of the unique size of the muffin, it needs a special container with a unique size and shape while a regular-sized container can hold 1-12 muffins. As for mini muffins, the takeaway container can hold 12-24 muffins. For its take away container, almost all containers are designed in one piece. Moreover, it has a hinge to close the lid which can keep the muffins fresh. Meanwhile, people can see the muffins inside and the various small ingredients through the transparent, high-domed lid. For example, icing sugar, candy, nuts, etc.


Pie take away the container

The take away container, a pie-shaped display container, for the pie has a transparent high-top lid. In this way, it can display the colorful fruit pies inside. And, whether it’s a whole piece of pie or a sliced pie, it will do. Particularly in the process of display and transportation, it can ensure that the pie is not squeezed and maintaining good taste.

For sliced containers, it is convenient for the customer to choose the required quantity. Moreover, it has a one-piece design and a two-piece design.

The one-piece design has hinges. And it can fix the lid on the bottom. For a two-piece design, it only fits the whole pie. The lids of these two types are transparent. And this is convenient for people to see the specific situation of the pie.

Moreover, there is a round cap with a high head. And this is convenient for various additions and decorations.


Takeaway Biscuit Bag

People use cookie bags to pack out biscuits, cookies, shortbread, etc. Some of these bags have viewing windows. And this can make it easy for customers to see the situation of cookies. Moreover, this can promote people’s urge to buy. Generally speaking, there is a seal on the bag. And this is convenient for people to seal the rest after eating. Meanwhile, its taste remains unchanged and contributes to food hygiene. However, some bags are fold-able. In other words, people are able to fold the opening of the bag and then seal the opening with a metal clip after eating. And the advantage of doing this is to save space. Moreover, it is usually larger than the sealed type. For its material, most people use paper or plastic.

However, there are also some merchants with high food requirements who use aluminum foil bags to hold biscuits.

The specific situation still depends on people’s own needs and preferences.

Fresh fruits and vegetables take away container

For the fruits and vegetables in the market, in addition to packaging them in plastic bags, people also use transparent plastic boxes. Usually, when people buy more fruits or vegetables, they are heavier. And the plastic box can bear the weight. But the paper box is not suitable. In contrast, the tightness of the plastic box is better. Moreover, fresh vegetables and fruits do not need to worry about oil spills. Therefore, the plastic box is completely sufficient. People can clearly see the freshness of the fruits and vegetables inside the plastic box.

If you use other materials instead, it will be difficult for people to achieve this effect. However, people also use natural pulp to make takeaway containers. The above is to take away containers for different foods. In addition, the take away container also has many developments in its appearance.

Next, let us take a look.

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take away container for fresh fruit and vegetables

The diversified appearance of taking away container

With the increase in the number of take-out foods, people’s requirements for take-out containers are not only in materials and styles but also in its design.

Therefore, the takeaway container began to have many elements. Moreover, they also play their own role.

So, what is the specific situation?

Cultural element implantation for take away container

Now, more and more people are embedding cultural elements to take away packaging. Although the core product of takeaway is food. However, the cultural elements on the takeaway packaging have given consumers a visual impact. People better convey the cultural concept of their products through puzzles, illustrations, colors, and other elements. And this makes consumers understand the products better.

In turn, this helps to enhance consumers’ brand identity.

Moreover, it has attracted the attention of consumers.

Illustration printed on take away container

In addition to cultural elements, people also added illustrations to the takeaway containers. For example, some take-out packages use illustrations to show various scenes of their restaurants on take-out containers. Moreover, it also shows the busy scene of various places in the restaurant.

And this not only improves the consumer’s experience but also has a deep impression on the restaurant. There are also some restaurants specializing in children’s food. Their take-out containers are mainly in yellow, white, and blue. The three-dimensional effect they use to create a line is very comic style.For another, there are also some children’s restaurants using trendy macarons.

And this is in line with children’s style and aesthetics. Moreover, it also makes food look more appetizing. Some businesses use a gift box series to stimulate users’ philatelic psychology. In this way, not only does beautify takeaway packaging make it more attractive, but it also helps increase sales. In short, the lifelike illustrations on the takeaway containers make the industry better.

Moreover, it does bring people fun and a better dining experience.

Environmental protection of take away container

Now, people’s environmental awareness is getting stronger and stronger,  environmental pollution and waste of resources in the popular takeaway market cannot be ignored. Therefore, for disposable take-out containers, people are also pursuing environmental protection.

In order to save materials, many brands began to use only a piece of paper lunch box.

Some businesses have also made meal bags into meal boxes, which means the function of the meal bag is increased and the consumption of the meal box is saved. Moreover, by doing so, it has turned waste into treasure.

For example, McDonald’s introduced a packaging bag that can be separated from top to bottom.

And people only need to tear off the upper part of the bag, leaving a hard bottom shell. In this way, the packaging bag can become a small dinner plate.

The convenience of the takeaway container

In addition to the pursuit of beauty and environmental protection, people also consider the impact of the distance from the restaurant to the dining place on the food. Therefore, people have enriched the design of take-out containers to make them more convenient. For example, McDonald’s launched a takeaway container dedicated to bicycles in Copenhagen.

They can pack burgers, drinks, French fries, etc. together with just a piece of cardboard. Moreover, it can be folded to form a groove for drinks and two independent compartments for food. In this way, people can put the French fries upright. Moreover, its top can be hung on the handlebar hook.

There are many such examples. In short, people use clever design to bring a lot of conveniences.

Additional value of take away container

In addition, people can also increase the added value of takeaway containers which can also save material.

For example, some merchants design the lunch box very delicately. In this way, people are reluctant to throw away the takeaway container after use.

Instead, they washed the container and used it again. Or, people use these containers as storage boxes in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and other places. Besides, such reuse not only reduces white pollution. Moreover, people also concisely penetrated the brand into every detail of people’s lives, enhancing the memory point. There are also some businesses that make cool bags that are used for heat preservation and take-out.

In this way, people use it to bring meals to work and to buy vegetables when they go out which is very energy-saving and environmental protection.

Moreover, there will be more such phenomena in the future which provides a lot of added value for the takeaway container.

The thoughtful design of taking away container

For take-out products, many times merchants cannot provide their own good services to users. Moreover, it is not convenient for merchants to directly resolve users’ questions. Consequently, more and more businesses are now bringing caring services and some food instructions to customers through takeaway containers. For instance, a cake shop will remind you of different heating methods on the take away container.

Moreover, some businesses will design the packaging box very conveniently. People only need to tear open the carton around along the pre-designed discount. This way, the crumbs, and the sauce will not get your hands dirty.

Some merchants pack take-out containers like gifts. In this way, every time the user opens the takeaway container, it is like opening a gift.

Cross-border launch of joint limited edition

Takeaway containers are also inseparable from trends. Nowadays, many industries like to cross the border into the fashion industry, film industry, etc. As a result, many businesses have promoted limited and co-branded products which can not only increase the premium of the brand but also effectively establish an emotional connection between the brand and consumers. For example, a French restaurant has launched a concept takeaway container for a spring limited edition. It uses pink, white, and green as the main colors. Then, people added green plant illustrations to it.

Thus, its visual effect is comfortable and natural. Moreover, it makes people feel like a spring breeze. In addition, a hot pot restaurant-level cooperates with well-known film and television IPs such as “Blood of the Machine”, “The Mission of a Dog” and “Hunting in the Sky”. Then merchants launched their peripheral takeaway containers. And this kind of cooperation not only resonated with fans but also attracted many fans to the hot pot restaurant.

Cross-border entry into the fashion industry and film circles: play “limited”, push “co-branding”, circle fans in minutes The unchanging takeaway box seems somewhat monotonous. Learning from the fashion industry to play “limited” and cooperating with movie IP to promote “co-branded” packaging can not only increase the brand premium in disguise but also effectively establish an emotional connection with consumers.

It has to be said that through cross-border joint names, businesses have found a balance between good appearance and low cost. However, with the development of the food delivery industry, some problems have also emerged. Next, let’s take a look.

The problem we have about take away a container

The fast-food restaurant is counter-style, which provides fast and easy food. And it is generally small and its seats are limited. Meanwhile, it has no dishwasher or extra storage space. Moreover, their purpose is to provide fast and easy service for busy users.

Besides, about 80% of customers will dine outside the walls of restaurants. That’s the reason that the fast-food industry relies heavily on disposable containers. For another, when customers leave a fast food restaurant, they will leave these containers far away from the restaurant.

For example, in a trash can in an office building or a sidewalk.

There are too many takeaway containers

The survey shows that a large restaurant can easily consume 1,000 disposable takeaway containers every day which reflects the huge amount total.

For instance, 24 branches of a restaurant chain can use 24,000 molded fiber bowls every day. And this is still the tip of the iceberg of the huge food industry and eternal chemicals may bring more harm than previously thought. However, a large number of disposable takeaway containers pose serious problems which include high costs and garbage waves. Moreover, people prefer to landfill disposable takeaway containers.

Meanwhile, the plant-based PLA plastic bowl also confused consumers. Generally speaking, they tend to throw them in the trash can with ordinary plastic bottles, which makes recycling very difficult.

Shipping Box Design Ideas

Compostable take away container

In recent years, bowls made of molded plant fibers are compostable. This seems to be a bright spot. Moreover, it is easier for people to break down these bowls. And the cost of production is also lower. However, most areas simply do not have the infrastructure to collect and process them.

Although many restaurants are working hard to develop composting plans, the report shows that the logistics of this task are too complex to be done. As for the issue of compostability, although people can use technology to achieve composting, many sources indicate that PLA plastic will not decompose as advertised which means that many composting facilities will not be suitable for them. The end result of this is that people throw it into the trash.

Compostable takeout containers are slightly more expensive than carry-on plastic containers but can break down into organic materials if handled correctly.

If you are in an area where consumers have the ability to do composting or commercial composting, compostable containers are a great way to signal to your consumers that you are actively working to reduce your environmental footprint and meet the growing need for sustainability.

Compostable takeaway containers look more environmentally friendly and make it easier for your customers to see what you are doing to achieve sustainability.

Moreover, people also realize that the spirit from farm to table is not enough. And this expression makes people underestimate the important environmental impact of takeaway containers.

Degradable take away container

People are now on the path of environmental protection.

However, the recently popular degradable environmental protection box has a heat resistance of only 50-60 degrees.

And this is not enough for many hot foods. For example, most Chinese restaurants are above this temperature.

Reuse the take away container

As a result, many restaurants are beginning to use sustainable disposable takeaway containers. For example, some take-out restaurants sell plastic bowls to customers. Moreover, customers can reuse this plastic bowl in the store. Out of the good intentions of the merchants, although these bowls remain in the hands of customers after the meal, they will still return to the restaurant. After that, customers can exchange these containers for a brand new takeaway container. And under the progress of this program, 30% of customers are willing to bring back takeaway containers.

These reusable bowls can save 75,000 pounds of landfill burden a year which is troublesome for people to clean disposable takeaway containers.

Moreover, except for environmentalists, most people are not willing to carry cups or containers with them. For businesses, there are still some problems and the merchant is responsible for cleaning all dirty dishes. According to hygiene regulations, restaurants must take extra precautions to ensure that bowls that have not been commercially disinfected do not come into contact with people or service counters.

Therefore, employees use a pair of pliers to transfer the bowl from the customer to the server then put them on black plates. This black plate slides the bowl on a special black plate along the counter. And this process requires high standards of training. In addition, processing this process affects service during meal times.

In other words, restaurants pay a high price for using sustainable disposable takeaway containers.

characteristics of environmentally friendly packaging : reduce reuse recycle

The solution for the take away contianer-Recycling

As a result, using Japan and South Korea for reference, people turned waste packaging into treasure. Ultimately, continuous reuse and recycling are the core.

Moreover, take-out restaurants everywhere have sold plastic bowls to customers. And this is convenient for people to reuse in the store. Choosing recyclable plastic takeaway containers that are easily accepted by curbside recyclers will increase the likelihood that they will be recycled or reprocessed.

Below, we look at some examples.

Some examples of recycle the take away container

In 2010, the city of Poland thought residents had noticed that the vibrant food truck culture in Oregon was generating a lot of waste. It just so happened that she was a toxicology expert at the Washington State Department of Ecology.  She founded her own company in 2011. As a result, they provide local residents with a consistent and reusable takeaway container. And they took over the supply and cleaning of containers in these restaurants. Then they will recycle and reuse the work provided by the entire system. Among them, the company provides services to many locations such as physical restaurants, food carts, and local grocery stores. And there is even a movie theater. According to statistics, more than 3000 members frequently use the service.

Moreover, this avoids the waste of more than 260,000 disposable containers which is an effective way.

Then, how does it work? First, if people want to use this app. Then, people have to rent a container. And its annual fee is $21.95. Moreover, people use polypropylene to make this translucent container with a flip lid. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Meanwhile, it does not contain BPA recyclable plastic.

There are 30 recycling locations in the city. Among them, not all participating restaurants are recycling points. After finishing the meal, people put the lunch box at any recycling point.

This can improve the environmental impacts

Generally speaking, when business influences social craftsmanship, people find it expensive to do the right thing. The same can be true in this industry. Many people in restaurants with take-out business think that the reason for using disposable items is that the price of reusable tableware is too high. However, after the above examples, the fact is just the opposite.

Now, there is some evidence that reusable items can actually save restaurants money. Among them, the non-profit environmental protection organization “Clean Water Action” provides professional and technical assistance for cafes and restaurants to use reusable take-out containers. Moreover, they found that this not only improved the environmental impact. And this also brings additional income.

Buying more environmentally friendly takeaway containers can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the environmental footprint.

Always start by understanding how the customer will discard the packaging after it has been used. Then select the best low-cost option, whose performance will be similar to the one you are currently using.

If you choose a recyclable take away container, make sure it is widely accepted for recycling in your area. If your customers are able to composting them or composting them commercially when needed, compostable take-out containers are a good option. Otherwise, it may not be the best choice.

Wife, husband and their kid standing on the earth which is painted in green, which means environmental friendly

It’s cheaper than the traditional way

Besides, they found that many restaurants choose more money to use reusable ones rather than choose disposable items to reduce costs. So, on this matter, people will spend 10 to 20 times more at first. In contrast, if people invest the money in 30 different types of disposable items, they are actually throwing the money in the trash can. Even, they have to spend more money to deal with this garbage, which is a waste. However, if a merchant provides customers with metal tableware and reusable soda cups, a taco shop in Los Angeles can save $416.18 a year. Meanwhile, they can reduce more than 200 pounds of garbage. Moreover, a restaurant in Emeryville replaced disposable trays and paper packaging. And this allowed them to transfer more than 2500 pounds of waste.

As a result, a savings of 2028 US dollars. In addition, a cafe in San Francisco saved $6,898.82 by discarding disposable cups, utensils, habits, blenders, hot lids, and cup sets. Moreover, this transferred more than 2,000 pounds of garbage. Also, a Filipino restaurant saved $22,122.36 in a year by using reusable plates, bowls, cutlery, and sauces.

Moreover, this diverted more than 150,000 disposable items from the landfill.


In short, people not only have a good impact on the environment through the use of reusable takeout containers but also make their own economic benefits higher.

How to choose the right take away container

For catering takeaway businesses, takeaway packaging will directly affect the quality of dishes and dining experience. Moreover, good quality packaging can to a certain extent prevent accidents during takeaway orders which prevents the dish from being spilled. For people pay too much attention to packaging and ignore cost products, the user experience is not good.

So, how to choose a takeaway container?

First, people should pay attention to the quality of takeaway containers. A good container should not be easily deformed. Moreover, its tightness is better and secondly, people generally want food at the right temperature. Therefore, its thermal insulation effect.  As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases and the impact of takeaway containers on the environment increases, people should pay attention to choosing environmentally friendly takeaway containers. And this can attract some green consumption.

When carrying takeout, you may also carry many other things together. Therefore, merchants choosing convenient and portable take-out containers can bring customers a better experience. Meanwhile, this can also keep the food in good condition. In addition, many businesses directly pack tableware outside the take away container which may cause people to omit in the process of carrying.

People can avoid this problem if they use take-out containers that can put tableware. Apart from this, there are many factors need to consider.

Let’s take a look now.

Highly efficient take away container

A good take away container can increase the restaurant’s meal rate. Moreover, they must conform to the attributes of the merchant.

For food delivery, consumers value efficiency very much. And takeaway containers can improve this efficiency. Similarly, inconvenient packaging will greatly reduce the rate of meal delivery. For example, with a takeaway container with separate food and soup, people can prepare the takeaway container in advance before taking the order. After receiving the order, people directly package and deliver it which greatly increases the speed of eating.

That’s no doubt that this can improve the efficiency of distribution.

Brand establishment

We all know that if a good product does not have good packaging, it is difficult for people to choose it among many products. On the contrary, people can cultivate consumers’ brand recognition visually. Moreover, the exquisite packaging can attract attention. Thus, this deepens the user’s impression of the brand. And this has prompted repeated purchases by users.

brand establishment

Consumer groups

Actually, every restaurant has its own consumer group. And the restaurant can be its own user portrait. If women account for the majority of customers, businesses can choose pink or light red.

And this can not only enhance the customer’s dining experience but also deepen the customer’s impression.

Consumption area

If the consumer group is in the business office area, people can choose a more obvious color.

And this can highlight the product. Moreover, its obvious color can attract people’s attention during the peak of noon ordering.

Feasibility of take away container

Many businesses prefer to choose a distinctive takeaway container. However, design capabilities can also limit development in this area. At this time, you can take a look at the excellent takeaway containers of the same category or in the same category. Moreover, this not only brings inspiration but also helps to verify the feasibility of the packaging. Note that design packaging must also satisfy the function and convenience of takeaway containers.

At this time, the beauty of the design can be the icing on the cake.

Innovation of take away container

There are some popular takeaway containers in the market now. And people have made innovations in these containers based on their own product characteristics. For example, people add practicability, heat preservation, and environmental protection to take-out containers. Therefore, businesses can analyze the characteristics of their own users or their own product.  Then, innovate your own takeaway container on this basis which can not only better maintain their product performance but also allow users to get a better experience.

More importantly, in this way people can spread their ideas widely.

Cost performance of take away container

Users and businesses pay the same attention to cost-effectiveness. Therefore, when the price is the key factor to attract users , merchants have to consider the cost-effectiveness of takeaway containers. For example, rice bowls and other series featuring low-cost set meals. That’s to say there is no need to blindly imitate other businesses and use high-cost kraft paper or cloth handbags. Instead, it is better to choose low-cost, simple, and practical take away containers which also reduces the actual cost of the store.

However, people can print their store name, slogan, etc. on the take away container and also can shape the brand image very well. Meanwhile, it also makes it easier for people to control the cost of packaging.

Mid-to-high-end dining take away container

If the positioning of the catering business is the mid-to-high end, people can consider using good take-away containers. For example, the main client is white-collar workers in the morning office. Or the main dish of the restaurant is the morning work meal of the terminal. At this time, people can make takeaway packaging and copywriting that attract young people which can arouse users’ attention, and it is conducive to the widespread of the brand.

As a matter of fact,  this has a positive impact on the improvement of store brand image and repurchase rate.

High-end dining take away container

If the unit price of the merchant is relatively high, people can also increase the cost of the takeaway container for better service. Thus, this raises the grade of the product and greatly improves the user experience and enhances the satisfaction of high consumption such as pot, barbecue, crab pot, etc.

Barbecue take away container

The most important thing about grilling is the heat preservation and packaging integrity of the food. The temperature will greatly affect the taste of the skewers. And once the barbecue is cold, customers are likely to give bad reviews. Secondly, if the signature of the skewers is long, it is difficult for conventional lunch boxes to satisfy the integrity of the packaging. Therefore, businesses will choose custom-length tin foil packaging boxes which can also keep skewers warm. And when people want to heat up, it is also very convenient.

In addition, this helps to enhance the brand image. Moreover, some businesses will choose high-end paper bags that match the large-capacity lunch boxes. Then, people can print their own brand and content on the paper bag which can improve customer experience and drainage.

On the contrary, low-cost packaging will make consumers feel that the product is not worth the high price. Thus, the consumer’s sense of experience is reduced which is likely to cause the loss of customers.


Ease of transportation is important

We can see some bad reviews on the takeaway platform. Moreover, much of them is because the soup is spilled, the juice leaks, etc which greatly affects people’s dining experience. Moreover, when choosing the size and shape of takeaway boxes, people must also consider whether they can maintain a balance during transportation. In addition, the appropriate size can also save space for businesses.

For example, during lunch hours, people mostly choose plastic packaging bags for transportation.

And this will not take up a lot of space. Moreover, this also provides convenience for transportation. In contrast, the opposite sex lunch box takes up a lot of space. Moreover, they are easily deformed during delivery. Furthermore, they are not easy to maintain balance on the way of transportation and people must remember not to add too much to the take-away container which avoids spilling and product damage during changeable transportation. In addition, the volume of takeaway containers is also critical. For example, when the dishes are filled with more than three-half of the lunch box, it will easily spill out.

Moreover, it also appears that the product is not refined enough while the dishes are too few and seem insufficient.

Therefore, the dishes occupy three-half of the lunch box, which is just right.


When packing food, people often worry about changes in the temperature of the food, the appearance of the food, and whether the food will overflow. For this purpose, people have developed take-out containers to solve this problem. From the shape to the material, a good take away container allows people to take the food back with ease and convenience. Moreover, for consumers, it is also very significant. Meanwhile, people can save space and cost by using suitable take-out containers. And this can also provide customers with fresh products. There are many types of takeaway containers. And the biggest difference between them is their different materials.

Moreover, take-out containers of different materials have different functions. Common take away container materials include foam, aluminum foil, plastic, cartons, bagasse, etc. Among them, the paper box and aluminum foil can be put into the oven. The bagasse is organic and environmentally friendly. In addition, people have also implanted the culture and their own ideas on the takeaway containers through illustrations and text. However, the problem is becoming more and more obvious. As people use more and more takeaway containers, the resulting garbage has caused many negative effects on the environment.

In this regard, people have tried various solutions that can be solved. For example, compostable materials, degradable materials, reusable products, etc. Among them, compostable and biodegradable disposable takeaway containers have also encountered many obstacles. And it has been verified that reusable takeaway containers can have a good impact on the environment.

Moreover, people can also save money in this way.

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