ECO friendly packaging for cosmetics

Packaging in our life are more sustainable right now!

In the packaging era, consumer demand for product packaging changes with social hot spots. In recent years, the hottest topic has been environmental protection. Environmental problems caused by rising global warming are reminding people of the importance of the protection of bad environment all the time. Therefore, more and more packaging suppliers also begun to seek sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging to minimize environmental pollution and increase the availability of packaging. Thus, ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics was being hot discussion right now

Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics
cosmetic packaging
ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics
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What is ECO-friendly packaging?

ECO-friendly packaging can also be called pollution-free packaging and sustainable packaging. It refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and recycled, and is in line with sustainable development. From a technical point of view, green packaging refers to a kind of environmentally friendly packaging developed from natural plants and related minerals that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, is conducive to recycling, and is easy to degrade and sustainably develop. The life cycle of its packaging products from raw material selection, product manufacturing to use and disposal should meet the requirements of ecological environmental protection. Eco-friendly packaging should be implemented from three aspects: sustainable materials, packaging design, and vigorous development of the green packaging industry.

ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics - packaging in our life

Its concept has two meanings: one is to protect the environment, and the other is to save resources.

The two are complementary and indivisible. Among them, protecting the environment is the core, and saving resources is closely related to protecting the environment because saving resources can reduce waste, which is actually the protection of the environment from the source in ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics.

Whether you discard the biodegradable sugarcane packaging or reuse it for other purposes, you can rest assured that once you use the perfect products, they will not cause harm to the earth.

In essence: Eco-friendly packaging is to reduce energy waste during product design, production, and to minimize energy consumption. It can be recycled and reused, or it can be degraded in a simple natural environment.

The essence is to minimize the price of its damage to the ecological environment. Eco-friendly packaging is mainly manifested as the greening of raw materials for packaging production, the greening of packaging design, greening of packaging methods, greening of packaging operations, greening of production processes, use of greening, and recycling of packaging materials, etc.

Types of Eco-friendly packaging materials

Paper and cardboard is reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable in ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics. There are a number of advantages to this type of packaging product, not least the fact that they are readily available. Many packaging manufacturing companies offer an environmentally friendly option that has been created using a high proportion of recycled paper.

ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics - packaging in our life

This is now commonly used in plastic bags and is also used in other items such as envelopes used for bulk mailing. This type of plastic starts to decompose when it is exposed to daylight and is a good alternative to traditional plastics.

food packaging

Ensuring all your items are properly insulated is important, regardless if you’re packing fine china or things that may be heartier. Using biodegradable packing peanuts is a great idea and can help the environment. These will make your packing easier and can allow you to remain eco-friendly

Adding inflatable air pillows to your packing supplies can be useful. These eco-friendly packaging materials are ideal to assist in ensuring all your belongings will have the right level of protection and cushion.

Fortunately, you can choose small bags that are filled up with air for this item. There’s likely to be much less damage to any of the goods you need to transport when you do. All these bags can be put to use by others at a later date. This is typically an inexpensive method for keeping your packaging materials good for the environment.

void fill packaging

This is widely used as a packaging material. Environmentally friendly alternatives include bubble wrap made from recycled polythene and bubble wrap which is completely degradable.

Bubble wrap packaging

The PP woven pack, as it’s name suggests, is made from polypropylene resin (PP), which is a recyclable thermoplastic material. Using this element in out production allows the development of light yet steady composition that can handle heavy weights.

This packaging is made from mushrooms. It can be made from non-toxic materials and is an ideal method for working to have a better environment. You’re sure to enjoy the use of the mushrooms for a long time because this can make for durable packaging.

Why used eco-friendly packaging?

South Australia will become the first Australian state to ban plastic straws, cutlery, and drink stirrers under a plan announced by the state government.

The SA environment minister, David Speirs, said on Saturday the Liberal government would draft legislation to ban the single-use items this year before introducing the bill to parliament in 2020.

Plastic straws, cutlery, and drink stirrers are first on the agenda, and the government is also looking to ban takeaway polystyrene containers and cups in ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics.

It is also considering outlawing items such as coffee cups and reusable plastic bags. South Australia was the first state to ban lightweight plastic bags in 2009.

Consumer awareness about the damages that plastic packaging waste cause to the environment, coupled with bio-economy and circular economy policies, is pushing plastic packaging versus the use of bio-based and biodegradable materials. In this contest, even cosmetic packaging is looking for sustainable solutions, and research is focusing on modifying bio-based and biodegradable polymers to meet the challenging requirements for cosmetic preservation while maintaining sustainability and biodegradability. Several bio-based and biodegradable polymers such as poly(lactic acid), polyhydroxyalkanoates, polysaccharides, etc., are available, and some first solutions for both rigid and flexible packaging are already present on the market, while many others are under study and optimization. Fruitful cooperation among researchers and industries will drive the cosmetic sector toward being more ecological and contributing to saving our environment.

Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics - How to do?

Here are some tips on how to achieve Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics:

The material is green

Packaging designers should try to use green packaging materials and design long-life packaging materials, which can greatly reduce environmental pollution after the packaging is discarded.

Packaging reduction.

In some developed countries, many supermarkets encourage consumers to use nylon shopping bags that can be used multiple times, but less disposable plastic bags. The materials used in packaging design are minimized, unnecessary packaging is eliminated as much as possible, and simple packaging is advocated To save resources.

Natural packaging materials

The materials used are as simple as possible, do not mix different materials in order to facilitate recycling.

Packaging design is detachable

Packaging that requires a composite material structure should be designed as a detachable structure, which is conducive to recycling after disassembly.

Pay attention to the reuse of packaging materials

The use of recyclable, reusable and recyclable packaging improves the life cycle of the packaging, thereby reducing packaging waste.

The harmlessness of packaging materials

The European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive stipulates heavy metal content levels (lead, mercury, chromium, etc.), for example, lead content is less than 100PPM. my country should also prohibit or reduce the use of certain packaging materials containing harmful components such as lead, mercury, tin, etc. in the form of legislation, and specify the allowable content of heavy metals.

Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics

New trends of ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics in 2020

Environmental issues affect people's lifestyles all the time, many packaging companies also actively respond to environmental protection. Make-up products-as indispensable products in daily life, ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics, the industry has also begun to use sustainable raw materials in packaging design and application as well as various cosmetic packaging and product accessories.
This not only improves the product's design sense but also enhances a brand image for the product.
At the 2019 MakeUp in Paris, many exhibitors are showing their innovative products with novel green and environmental concepts in ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics.
Let’s see what’s the new trends are!

Degradable plastic – Ecoform

At this exhibition, the most striking is a material called –  Eco form, a recently launched material that is 100% biodegradable and is described as an ideal replacement for thermoformed plastic platforms or foam inserts (also synthetic) goods in ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics.

ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics

Usually, a lot of plastics are used in the packaging of cosmetics, and cardboard is not always suitable for cosmetics. It has no resistance and no elasticity, so this newly developed ecological plastic can replace traditional plastics well. It is completely made of green plants, made of bamboo, sugar cane, and wood, all of which can be recycled in ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics.

Advanced eco-friendly brush

An innovative environmentally friendly brush called One Cut Brush has attracted much attention at the exhibition. In order to better match the new environmental trends, the exhibitors proposed 100% vegan products-synthetic hair and 100% wooden handles to customers, which is unique in the makeup brush market.

The customizable brushes are made of FSC certified light birch wood, and save the usual aluminum ferrule, creating a stylish, organic look.

ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics

The hair material used is Ecolon (a 100% animal-free, innovative synthetic fiber) that creates a soft, natural feel. The brush is resistant to water and solvents after treatment, both of which are important characteristics of the brush.

Reusable multi-purpose toolbox

As part of its “reuse” series, Texen Beauty Partners, a multi-purpose toolbox exhibited at Makeup in Paris, showcased the integrated beauty tool concept. One of the most representative is an 8ml press pen used for perfumes, make-up products or skincare products. Its inner box and lid are made of easy-to-recycle PP or even rPP.

Advantage of using Eco-friendly packaging

# Reduces your carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is the number of greenhouse gases that are released into the environment as a result of human activities.

The product lifecycle of packaging products undergoes various phases, from the extraction of raw materials to production, transportation, usage, and end of the life cycle. Each phase releases a certain amount of carbon into the environment in ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics.

Eco-friendly packagings employ different methods in each of this process and hence reduce the overall carbon emissions, reducing our carbon footprint.  Also, eco-friendly packagings release fewer carbon emissions during production and they are produced using highly recyclable materials which reduce our consumption of heavy-energy resources.

# Biodegradable

Green packaging not only reduces your carbon footprint and environmental impact but is also beneficial after it has served its purpose as the ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics materials are biodegradable.

plastic packaging

# Ease to Disposal

Packaging materials make up the majority of the trash that ends up in landfills. With e-commerce quickly becoming the most popular shopping method, consumers have more packages coming to their homes than they know what to do with. When you use eco-friendly containers for shipping, you make it easier for your consumers to get rid of all those ECO-friendly packagings for cosmetics. Compostable and recyclable containers are much easier to dispose of than ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics that are not, and even when they do end up in landfills, they’ll break down much faster than their non-compostable, non-biodegradable counterparts in ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics.

#Lower Shipping Costs

In addition to using recycled and biodegradable materials, ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics supplies is designed with minimalism in mind. While they still provide effective protection for the items contained within, they are designed to be less bulky and require less overall material. This makes them weigh less and take up less space. ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics that weigh less is, of course, more affordable to ship. With less packaging, it’s also possible to fit more packages on each pallet and in each shipping container. This can result in requiring fewer pallets or containers to ship the same number of products, which also leads to decreased shipping costs in ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics.

# Become a part of the brand message.

These days people are getting more environmentally conscious in buying ECO-friendly packaging for cosmetics, they are constantly seeking out ways to make a positive impact on the environment without making any major changes in their existing lifestyle. By using eco-friendly packaging you are giving your consumer a chance to make a positive impact on the environment.

#No harmful plastic

Traditional packaging methods and materials contribute to global warming and other environmental issues. Using eco-friendly packaging allows you to reduce the amount of plastic that you use. Using non–sustainable petrochemical resources which are a part of all traditional plastics requires a lot of energy. Petrochemical products usually tend to litter public places and have been linked with health problems when used with food.

One of the biggest trends in life today

Consumer sentiment is raising awareness of waste and the environment. As a result, many manufacturers have brought sustainable packaging and made their products valued with regard to the environment. With our environmentally friendly food packaging series, we provide customers with financial, social, and brand equity products.


PCR packaging
PCR or post-consumer resins are the sustainable solutions of today’s environmentally friendly consumer product packaging choices. Still provide your customers with sustainable product types.


When using environmentally friendly food packaging, PCR provides many benefits.

Avoid further use of petrochemical resin
To prevent us from exhausting our limited fuel resources and make further efforts
Reuse plastic
Reduce landfill dumping
Can be recycled again for further manufacturing purposes
Like other PET plastics, the dynamics of production needs are happy
World history circular economy
Has the same sturdiness as PET plastic
Provide an appearance similar to PET plastic
Maintain a very low gas transmission rate
Resistant to cracking
Help branding your products and prove to customers that you care about the impact of plastics on the environment

Our products provide our customers with a full range of usability, size, shape, color, and suitable options.

We also provide solutions that can be customized according to your specific brand and needs.

Our existing basic manufacturing capabilities allow us to have a large population and allow us to adapt to any of your needs.


Bamboo packaging
Another sustainable development trend of bamboo is bamboo.

Bamboo is a plant that has been used in the world for several years, and now it has packaged the entire industry, construction, and textiles. It is fast-growing and sustainable.

The source of environmentally friendly food packaging, the impact on environmentally friendly food packaging, and the promotion of cleaner products. In food, bamboo represents a characteristic industry, as well as a sense of luxury.


The benefits of bamboo are:

Strength and customary tradition.
Reusable and recyclable
growing up very fast
Local purchase
Biodegradable and compostable


Paper packaging
The perfect substitute for plastic, it can be used in your balm, cream, or lotion series. Our paper cans and decorative tubes are the best choice for the perfect shape and oil-proof invisibility.

The development of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging

But eco-friendly cosmetics packaging design isn’t usually a criterion for clean beauty or sustainable skincare products.

Why? Marketers commonly push the narrative that it’s what’s on the ‘inside’ that matters (which may be true for beauty, but the outsides count when it comes to packaging!).

When consumers search for ‘best clean beauty brands’ or ‘eco-friendly beauty products, and they will find plenty of information about what a product is ‘free of’.

What is much harder to find is information on whether it’s been packaged sustainably.

This is a major problem, as there are 2.5 billion plastic bottles hitting the landfill every year. The beauty industry is a major contributor, as most of its bottles and containers are designed to be single-use.

Multi-layered packaging to make products look more ‘premium’ also creates excess waste.

This is an issue that consumers also contribute to. A study of UK consumers discovered that while 90% are recycling kitchen waste, this plummets to 50% for bathroom waste.

So, it’s safe to say that the cosmetics industry is lagging behind on eco-friendly packaging innovations.

Why does sustainable cosmetics packaging matter so much?

With much greater awareness about plastic pollution, sustainable packaging is actually becoming a serious selling point for consumers.

Dotcom Distribution’s latest study found that 62% of consumers would rather buy from brands with eco-friendly packaging. In fact, McKinsey has rated sustainable packaging as the biggest ‘green premium’ that consumers will pay extra for!

But when you market yourself as a ‘green’ beauty brand, having a sustainable cosmetics packaging design carries another level of importance.

Using eco-friendly containers for beauty products has more than just positive environmental effects. It’s about preserving (and enhancing!) your brand image.

Sustainable brands in any industry face greater scrutiny over their business practices, and with good reason.

Consumers are very alert to ‘greenwashing’ practices and are on the lookout for signs of authenticity.

A sustainable packaging initiative shows consumers that a brand actually practices what they preach.

For example, Ethique Beauty is a brand that sells eco-friendly personal care products.

Their flagship product is ‘bars’ of hair products and deodorants. Selling in bar form means they avoid plastic bottles and aren’t contributing to plastic pollution.

For shipping, they package the bars plastic-free in 100% compostable cardboard sleeves.


Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics , you must first understand what is Eco-friendly packaging, and what are the widely used materials in those sustainable packaging. The use of sustainable raw materials combined with a fashionable design is the new trend of Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics. Follow us to learn more about packaging trends and developments! If you also find this article interesting, please share it with more people in need!

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Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics