New Products


six transparent and various size serum bottles with dropper

Dropper Bottles

Serum Pump Bottles

3 Black surface Spray bottle

Spray Bottles

Lotion Pump Bottles

two bottles with black cap closure

Bottles with Cap Closures

6 airless bottle with clean surface

Airless Bottles

A perfume bottle with light brown liquid on it

Perfume Bottles

Roller Bottles


Plastic Jars

Glass Jars

Two white airless jar have been placed in white background, one is open.

Airless Jars

Acryklic jar with a pure white closure

Acrylic Jars


Two Black cosmetic tube of blank surface

Cosmetic Tubes

Plastic Twist Tube

Kraft Push Up Tube


Magnetic Closure Boxes

Product Boxes

Lid and Base Rigid Boxes

Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Sustainable Packaging

PCR Bottles

PCR Tubes

Compostable Pouches

Biodegradable Mailing Bags

Please feel free to contact us for more products and information. With Primepac’s ability to customize all your packaging, Primepac is truly your one-stop shop!

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