A Complete Overview Of Chinese Packaging Manufacturers

In this article, we are going to cover Chinese packaging manufacturers, what type of packing China creates, and the top 11 brands. The largest segment of the industry and what is the forecast for China in 2023? We will also be covering what is needed for the Australian packaging market and how Primepac is your number 1 choice when picking who will supply your packaging for you!

Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics

Splitting Chinese packaging manufacturers into 5 materials.

The Chinese Packaging manufacturers industry is growing year on year, however, in terms of packaging types we can split the global industry into 5 main types of materials:

  1. Paper
  2. Plastic
  3. Metal
  4. Glass
  5. Other

Paper packaging accounts for up to 39%, making it the largest segment and the world’s biggest packaging industry.

5 packaging material market share

With a combined share of 69% of the vast majority of Chinese packaging manufacturers however when sourcing for the Australian market the standards of the packaging must be in tune with the Australian Packaging Covenant.

How does the Australian Packaging Covenant affect me?

Since the Paris Agreement was unveiled in 2015, several nations have made an important commitment to reducing emissions.

This agreement has provided a key platform for the adoption of targets aimed at reaching the goal of global warming being limited to 2 degrees Celsius.

“Ministers agreed to the ambitious target that 100 percent of Australian packaging be recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025 or earlier to cut down on the amount of waste we produce. The 100 percent target will be delivered by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, working with its 950 member companies and other stakeholders.”

With the latest 2018 news from Ministers, 100% of all Australian packaging needs to be recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025 which will make working with Chinese suppliers more difficult due to extra red tape to overcome. This is where companies such as Primepac are in the great situation of having two teams, one in Australia and one in China whose day-to-day job is to overcome these difficulties and provide high quality, fully regulated packaging in tune with the Australian market.

Packaging manufacturing growth. Who is being left behind?

The flexible packaging market is witnessing tremendous growth as the demand for convenience and lightweight packaging solutions increases.

As the global population grows, the need to find better ways to package food, beverages, and everyday items is essential.

As announced by a research report in 2022, the value of the flexible packaging market was at USD 248.9 billion and is estimated to rise to USD 315.5 billion by 2027, attaining a CAGR of 4.8%.

This substantial growth indicates the potential and future of the industry as companies strive to reduce costs and maximize resource utilization in order to survive the competition in the marketplace.

With this growing trend more and more of the top packaging factories in Chinese Packaging Manufacturers are concentrating on medium-large to large companies with large companies taking a huge 65.29% of the packaging market, while small companies are being sidelined taking a mere 7.61%.

packaging market share

Quite often the small to medium companies cannot compete with the large companies and the Chinese packaging manufactures are not interested in cooperating for small volume orders. This is where Primepac can help. Due to our cooperation with many other companies inside the Australian market Primepac can not only guarantee the package meets the Australian standard but you will receive competitive prices thanks to our large network of suppliers.

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The Development of the Chinese Packaging Market

The Chinese flexible packaging market is projected to experience a significant growth of 4.3% across the forecast period 2022 – 2027, making it an attractive target for investors and manufacturers alike.

This development indicates that the overall industry is robust, with the availability of the right resources and support to ensure the highest degree of product quality.

Moreover, the surge in the number of vendors coupled with the trend of online retailers offering additional incentives for buying products has made the Chinese market all the more appealing for existing and new players in the industry.

Therefore, we can expect further positive changes in the near future as manufacturers further their efforts to meet changing customer demands in China’s dynamic flexible packaging market.

The Chinese flexible packaging market continues to be the leader in the global market, recording the most substantial growth and the fastest expansion among all packaging types.

This is largely attributed to the product’s plethora of advantages, such as its low cost, enhanced shelf life, and user convenience.

Furthermore, the introduction of highly advanced materials and the technological advances associated with these have offered innovative solutions that are easier to implement in flexible packages and tailored directly to customers’ needs.

The Chinese flexible packaging market has faced multiple hiccups in the wake of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Supply chain disruption and shortage of the raw materials used in the manufacturing processes have affected the industry greatly.

As the government began to shape new policies to curb the infection, the industry also began to recover steadily.

Affected industries were pushed towards diversification and automation over the course of the pandemic, which helped the manufacturers overall become more reliable and efficient.

You should no miss the rising market, no matter if you want to find packaging companies here for cooperation, or expand your business in China.


Here are the Top 11 packaging brands in China in 2023!

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However, if you want to check out some packaging companies yourself below are the 11 top brands inside Chinese Packaging company and a little bit of information on each one.

transportation in global business

1. ShenDa packaging

Based in Jiangsu province, ShenDa mainly concentrates on the following industries:
Electronics, aerospace, medicine, food, and tobacco. They have an impressive quota of 60,000 tonnes of packaging a year making them one of the big players in the Chinese Packaging Manufacturers industry, however, if you only need a small amount they may not be the best option for you.

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 2. Yuto YuTong packaging

Based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province has been listed in the Shenzhen stock exchange since 2016. It has won the red dot award multiple times and works with fortune 500 companies. They specialize in consumer electronics, health, tobacco, and cosmetics.

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 3. HeXing Packaging

Based in Xiamen, Hexing packaging mainly caters to the domestic Chinese Packaging Manufacturers market. It caters to electronic products and food. Its major products include high and mid-grade corrugated cases and boards. Colorful boxes, magazines, and books.
You probably have noticed by now Chinese packaging manufacturers are very spread out around different provinces. Let us do the hard work for you and email us today for a quote!

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  4. TetraPak

TetraPak is a little bit different to the rest of the being the only one of two on this list which is not an actual Chinese company but a company that started in Sweden, it has a special mention on this list due to being recognized in China as one of the top 10 packagings manufactures for China.

 5. JieLong

Jielong , based in Shanghai, again needs a special mention, the company is well over 50 years old now, with its history starting in 1968 with a simple print shop. Jielong mainly focuses on the print and packaging of books, newspapers, labels, and so on. JieLong has been on the Shanghai stock exchange since 1994 and was ranked 7th in China for printing in 2017 and has worked with many fortune 500 companies.


Established in 1989, listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 1999, Zijiang is another company based in Shanghai. They are most well known for their cooperation with companies such as coca-cola and beverage packaging. They also work with major brands such as Nestle, Sony, KFC, and Philips. Zijiang is one of the major Chinese Packaging Manufacturers.

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 7. YaTushi

Ya Tu Shi is a Chinese Packaging Manufacturers company in Shenzhen, they focus on books, printing, packaging, calendars, stickers, and so on. They mainly focus on the book industry, with a smaller scale operation for general packaging. In terms of books, they print religious books, children's books, and are able to help with the design. In terms of packaging, they offer biodegradable packaging.

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 8. MYS packaging

MYS mainly focuses on large volumes, with many customers being from fortune 500 companies. Their main factories and branches are located around the pearl delta river and their cities. These include Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Dongguan, and Zhongshan. They focus on heavy-duty packaging, display packaging, as well as transport packaging. MYS is looking for high quantity orders so unless your order amount is high this company is unlikely to work with you.

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 9. SIG

SIG is the only other non-Chinese company to make this list. SIG has been in the packaging industry since 1906. This Switzerland packaging company is a huge international success. Inside China, it has multiple factories with another 180 million invested to create a new factory in June 2019 in province Suzhou. SIG mainly focuses on beverages and food packaging. It is more well known for its opening seals which are one of the best in the Chinese Packaging Manufacturers market. However, like the other non-Chinese company on the list both are losing market share to local competition.

 10. Jingxing

JingXing has multiple offices and factories around China including PingHu, Nanjing, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. JingXing believes in big orders, yet is in line with Environmental safeguards to create a sustainable business model. JingXing primarily creates containers and packaging without a specific industry in mind for Chinese Packaging Manufacturers.

 11. TIMI printing

Based in Guangzhou,TIMI offers a choice selection of custom packaging solutions to suit customers' specific needs. From product boxes for individual retail items, to mailer boxes for subscription services and corporate giveaways, to sturdy shipping boxes that move products safely from warehouse to end user.

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Overall Chinese packaging manufacturers are growing at a steady year-on-year rate, they are increasing their share of the overall local market and are increasing their exports at a steady rate too. Paper and cardboard are still the dominant forms of packaging with plastic in at a steady second. Above we have listed 10 major manufacturers inside China, however, unless you have a large order size it may be best to work with other smaller factories or suppliers for a better price and a more personal touch for your business. Primepac offers these solutions for the Australian market. Contact us today to have a free quote/consultation.

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However, from our dedicated sales team and warehouse staff in Australia to the experts at our production facilities in China, all of our employees are guided by four core values at the heart of our business: integrity, innovation, passion, and engagement.