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Introducing Primepac‘s Calico Bags: style, sustainability, and versatility combined. Choose from a variety of bag types, customize with screen printing or full-color prints. Our bags serve multiple purposes, seamlessly adapting to your needs. Crafted from lightweight, eco-friendly materials, they reduce your carbon footprint. Experience style and sustainability with Calico Bags, making a difference, one bag at a time.

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Primepac’s Calico Bags has the perfect bag for you. Choose from drawstring, handle, or gusseted calico bags. Customize them with screen or full-color printing. Find stylish options for any occasion with Calico Bags.

Calico Bags: style and functionality combined. Customize with screen printing or full-color print. Versatile options for shopping, totes, and gift bags.

Make the sustainable choice with Calico Bags. Our versatile bags are perfect for shopping, totes, and gift bags. They are eco-friendly and lightweight, offering both style and practicality. Choose Calico Bags for all your needs, without compromising on sustainability.


Discover the best in unique and custom calico bags with Primepac. We offer a wide selection of handmade pieces that can be tailored to your preferences. Choose the perfect quantity, size, shape, and style for your calico bag and make it truly yours by adding your logo or design. Experience the ultimate personalization with Primepac’s exceptional calico bags.

Make a stylish statement while reducing plastic waste with our calico bags. From shopping totes to versatile backpacks and pouch bags, Primepac has all your calico bag needs covered. Trust us to provide high-quality, eco-friendly options at a competitive price. Embrace sustainability with Primepac's fashionable and practical calico bags.

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Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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