It is no secret that cosmetic packaging is important to the success of a product.


After all, it is one of the most important factors that will ultimately determine how well the product sells.


This is why many cosmetic companies invest heavily in their packaging, making sure that it is both eye-catching and able to properly showcase the product.

Of course, there is more to cosmetic packaging than just aesthetics.

The packaging must also be functional, ensuring that the product is protected from damage and remains fresh for as long as possible.

Box for cosmetic packaging is the first thing that you should take care about because it can attract customers from all the competitors on the shelf at the first glance. Besides, a high-quality box for cosmetic packaging can protect your products inside well.


In other words, cosmetic packaging must strike the perfect balance between form and function in order to be successful.


So, if you are planning to launch a new cosmetic product, make sure to give its packaging the attention it deserves. Otherwise, you may find that your product does not reach its full potential in the market.


This blog will include the following content:

1. Cosmetic packaging is very important to the success of a product
2. Different types of cosmetic packaging
3. box packaging design

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The importance of cosmetic packaging

1. Attract buyers’ eyes


A good cosmetic packaging design can better attract consumers and thus increase the sales of the brand.


We can see in many shopping malls that the cosmetic packaging of any brand is very beautiful and stylish, even if it is the same brand and different series of cosmetics will have a unique design.


One of the roles of cosmetics is to allow users to change their appearance and thus improve their self-confidence, and a well-designed package can make your product more trustworthy.


Once people have consumed all the products, the packaging can be used as a small artifact to keep at home. The packaging will be a lasting advertisement.


2、Reflect the brand quality


The packaging design of cosmetic products can reflect the level of the cosmetic brand.


The packaging design shows that the manufacturer is very attentive to any aspect of cosmetics, even the packaging has taken a lot of effort. The quality of the product inside is certainly guaranteed.


3. Act as a good advertisement


A good cosmetic packaging design should be able to attract the attention of consumers and make them interested in the product, as cosmetics directly affect their appearance.


Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics should never be too cheap and should not be made of very cheap materials.


Nowadays, consumers are paying more and more attention to the packaging of cosmetics, and a successful cosmetic packaging design is very attractive to the majority of female consumers.


4. Brand perception and product differentiation


If you want your brand to be different from other brands, choose a unique and innovative design for the packaging.


Wholesale cosmetic packaging with its own color scheme and special designs can prove useful in the marketplace.


These factors can make your brand stand out from the rest of the products on the shelf.


Customers will find it attractive when they can easily find the desired product.


Therefore, in order to win the hearts and minds of your customers, you must carefully design the packaging of your cosmetics.


5. Provide the necessary information about the packaging


Cosmetics are applied to the skin, which is why there are different types of cosmetics for different types of skin. It is important to find the right cosmetics for your skin type.


Custom cosmetic boxes solve your problem; these boxes help you find the products you need. Customers will be happy with your brand if the information is clearly printed on your product packaging.

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Different types of materials can be used for cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic box packaging materials are divided into the main container and auxiliary materials. The main container usually has plastic bottles, glass bottles, tubes, vacuum bottles, etc. Auxiliary materials are usually: cosmetic packaging box, inner tray,

Plastic bottles

1. Plastic bottles are generally made of PP, PE, ABS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc.

2. PET material is environmentally friendly, lightweight, unbreakable, and chemically resistant. Transparent. Products made of this material can be made into pearlescent, colorful, magnetic white.

Widely used in the installation of jelly water. Bottle mouth is generally standard 16 #, 18 #, 22 #, and 24 # caliber, and can be used with the pump head.

3. Acrylic material is mostly used for injection molding bottles, chemical resistance is poor, generally can not be directly filled with products, and need to be equipped with a liner compartment.

It should not be completely filled to prevent the cream from entering the middle of the dinner and bottle to avoid cracking.

The requirements for transportation are very high.

three plastic bottles for cosmetic with pump

4. AS, ABS.

AS has better transparency and toughness than ABS.

5. Australia mold development cost: blow mold $200-600, injection mold $1000-3000 ranging

Stainless steel material molds will be more expensive than alloy material molds, but durable.

How many molds do you need and how many times do the molds come out at a time depends on the production volume,


6. The initial order quantity is usually 3000-10000 pieces, and the color can be customized.

Most people will choose the original color and magnetic white, or add a pearl powder effect, although the bottle and the cap will be the same color, the color of the final product will be different depending on the material used for the bottle and the cap.

Glass bottle


1, Glass bottles for cosmetics are mainly divided into skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, and nail polish, most of them are in a small capacity, which is less than 200ml.


2, glass bottles are divided into wide-mouth bottles, narrow-mouth bottles, and solid creams are generally used in wide-mouth bottles, it is appropriate to match the electrochemical aluminum cap or plastic lid, the cap can be used for color spray oil and other effects;


An emulsion or aqueous creams are generally used in narrow-mouth bottles, it is appropriate to match with the pump head. We need to pay attention to prevent the spring and ball rust, now most of the pump heads will use glass beads,


3, glass bottles are more consistent in the selection of materials, have more shapes, processing technology is rich, and the cap is diversified,
common bottle shapes are cylindrical, oval, flat, prismatic, conical, etc.,
manufacturers often develop a series of bottle shapes.

4. In Glass bottles such as those made by hand-made mold, there will be a little deviation in the capacity. the product should be tested, and make the correct capacity label


5. Glass bottles of uneven thickness will easily lead to damage, or easy to be squeezed to break by the contents in the cold conditions,

It should be filling at a reasonable capacity,

In the transportation, Single separation should be applied to the glass bottle for protection.


6. Commonly used glass bottles are usually available in stock, such as refined oil bottles, and plain clear, or frosted bottles.

Glass bottle production cycle is long, as soon as 20 days, some delivery period is 45 days, the general order quantity is 5,000 to 10,000, the smaller the bottle type to do more, cycle and mom will be affected by peak season, off-season.


7. bottle cap process can be electrolyzed aluminum lettering, bronzing edge, etching lines, and dumb light color, to match the gasket and inner cover, it is best to use the pressure-sensitive piece to strengthen the sealing effect.


8. Refined oil bottles are usually used in brown or colored and colored frosted, which enables the bottle to avoid light.

The cover has a safety ring, which can be matched with an inner plug or dropper, perfume bottles are generally matched with a delicate spray pump head or plastic cover.


1, Tube can be divided into single, double, or five layers
Their pressure, permeability, and sense of touch are different
five layers of the tube include an outer layer, an inner layer, two adhesive layers, and another barrier layer.


Features: with excellent gas barrier performance, it can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odor gas. Besides, it can also prevent the fragrance of the content and the exudation of active ingredients.


2, the double-layer tube is more commonly used.

the middle and low-end products will use the single-layer tube.

the caliber of the hose is various from 13# – to 60#

for the beauty and harmony, 60ml below product commonly use the caliber under 35#   product volume like100ml, 150ml usually use the caliber from 35# – 45# caliber, capacity more than 150ml will use the caliber of 45#


3, the shape of the tube includes round, oval, flat, and super flat.
As the latest kinds of tubes, flat tubes, exceed flat-tube are more complex than any other tubes in the production process, so the price is correspondingly more expensive.

tube for cosmetic packaging

4. tube cover also have various shapes, such as flat caps, round caps, high caps, lift caps, super flat caps, double caps, spherical caps, lipstick caps, and plastic caps

Cap can also be processed in a variety of processes, bronzing edge, silver edge, colored caps, transparent, oil spraying, electroplating, etc., tip caps and lipstick caps are usually equipped with inner plugs.


5, some products need to fill after sealing, sealing is divided into straight-line sealing, twill sealing, umbrella sealing, star sealing, and special-shaped sealing, During the sealing process, the manufacturers can print out the required date code


6, Tube production cycle is generally 15 days to 20 days  (from the confirmation of the sample tube)


Order quantity per product from 5 thousand to 10 thousand, large manufacturers usually take 10 thousand as the minimum order quantity, few small manufacturers will accept 3 thousand per product if there are many varieties in one order.


Few customers will make a totally brand new mold by themselves,
Most of them are public models (a few featured LIDS are private models). There is a ±10% deviation between the contracted quantity and the actual supply quantity in this industry.

tube for cosmetic packaging


A box for cosmetic packaging is a type of container that is specifically designed to hold and protect cosmetics.


Cosmetic boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, and can be custom-made to fit the needs of any business.


Cosmetic boxes are an important part of the cosmetic packaging process because they help to keep products safe from damage during shipping and storage.


They also provide a way to display products in a retail setting. Boxes for cosmetic packaging can be made from a variety of materials, including cardboard, plastic, metal, or wood.


Cardboard is the most common material used for cosmetic boxes because it is lightweight and easy to work with.


Cardboard boxes can be printed with colorful designs and logos and can be die-cut to any shape.

cardboard for cosmetic packaging

Plastic cosmetic boxes are also popular because they are durable and offer a clear window for product visibility. Metal and wood boxes are less common, but can provide a more luxurious look for high-end cosmetics.


When selecting a box for cosmetic packaging, it is important to consider the type of product that will be packaged inside.


Boxes for liquid cosmetics, such as foundations and perfumes, need to be leak-proof and have tight-fitting lids.


Boxes for powders, eyeshadows, and blushes should have compartments or trays to keep products from shifting during shipping.


And boxes for lipsticks and other small items need to have individual compartments or slots to keep products organized and easy to find.


Cosmetic boxes can be purchased from a variety of sources, including packaging suppliers, printing companies, and online retailers. They can also be custom-made to specific size and shape requirements.


When selecting a box for cosmetic packaging, it is important to compare prices and turnaround times from multiple vendors to ensure the best possible price and delivery time.

Cosmetic Box Design


Cosmetic product packaging, like any other commodity, is required to achieve the final sale by virtue of packaging and is a commodity that relies heavily on the packaging.


This is not only because the characteristics of cosmetic ingredients dictate the need for reasonable packaging that protects the safety and stability of the product, but also because cosmetics themselves are a special commodity that carries people’s desire to beautify themselves.


This is not only because cosmetics in order to achieve successful design results, we also need a systematic and structured design for cosmetic box packaging.

Brand positioning expression


Brand positioning means establishing one’s market position or consumers’ psychological position in response to the target market demand, in such doing, the brand can determine a distinctive proposition for the brand, which should have great appeal to the target consumers and can establish a unique market position.


In the process of establishing this position, there needs to be a carrier that speaks for the brand, and packaging design, as the image representative of the brand, can make consumers identify with the brand’s value concept and product quality through visual channels.

After the positioning of the brand is clear, packaging design can be targeted and can serve the brand more effectively as a meaningful design.


Packaging design itself is a brand and culture-oriented discipline, which requires designers to carry out packaging design, not just to pursue the momentary benefits brought my creativity and fashion, but to make packaging design transform into an important way to establish brand connotation and create a lasting brand value through an accurate grasp of brand positioning.

customized shape of cosmetic packaging

The rules of series packaging

Cosmetics variety is unprecedented, consumers have a wider and wider choice.

As a company, it is necessary to classify and design product packaging through the efficacy and composition of the product to facilitate consumers’ identification and purchase of cosmetics.

The main purpose of product packaging classification design is to make a regular design by changing the printing color elements of the box packaging. Usually, the following combinations can be used for the packaging design of a series of products.

  • The same container shape, different color printing offset box packaging color. This design can be implemented for cosmetic products with similar efficacy but different usage times.For example, the same series of morning cream and night cream, at this time more than the use of two-color printing offset box packaging color difference to distinguish the concept of time.
  •  The same container shape and container color. The same design style of box packaging, but the plastic box printing on one or several design elements to change the implementation of such design solutions are usually used for a series of cosmetics with the same function but different ingredients.For example, cosmetics that belong to the same fruit series use the same design style of box packaging because they all use fruit formulas, but the fruit formulas are divided into the pomegranate, lemon, tomato, and other formulas, so the plastic box packaging can be printed with the corresponding fruit pattern to distinguish them.
  • The complementary shape of the container. The implementation of such design solutions are mostly products with matching functions.For example the same series of shampoo and conditioner, in order to reflect the unity of the two and imply that consumers should use them as a set to increase sales, usually the box packaging of the two will be designed as a whole, together with combined into a new overall shape.


In short, adopting a corresponding design approach based on the different ways of classifying a series of cosmetics to provide consumers with a more effective, intuitive, and convenient way to guide their consumption will benefit both companies and consumers.


It should be noted that most cosmetic products packaged in boxes usually have different functional requirements for the front and the back.

The front is usually a reflection of the product’s logo image and design sense, showing the product’s own personality and style to interest consumers at first glance, while the back is usually just a large amount of explanatory text in a simpler form, as long as it is consistent in style with the front design pattern.


So, what’s the verdict? Is cosmetic packaging important to your success as a business?


The answer is undoubted yes. It’s not just about the product itself – the packaging also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching if you want consumers to take notice.


And with so many products on the market these days, it takes more than a good product to make it stand out.


Different types of cosmetic packaging can help set your brand apart from the competition, so don’t neglect this aspect of your business.


If you’re looking for some advice on box packaging design or any other type of cosmetic packaging, feel free to contact us for more information. We’d be happy to help!