Coffee has been necessary to people’s daily life, especially in western countries.  Some people can even drink coffee just like drink water every day.  There are two kinds of coffee shops nowadays. The first is large-scale merchandise like Starbucks. The second is the relatively small-scale one which focuses more on specialty coffee.  This article is not about showing the difference between these two kinds of coffee companies. Actually, you can find the manual features in both of them- the exquisite packaging. The takeaway packaging for a coffee shop is extremely important.

No matter what kind of business do you have, how to establish the branding image is the core of your business operation. Just think about the influence of the icon of Mcdonald’s- the Golden Arches, and the logo of Nike. This logo has been part of the identity of the brand. How can they connect the image with their brand?

There are a lot of reasons, one of them is the packaging of their products. They will print their logo, slogan on the product packaging.  So do the coffee industry, how’s the packaging you provide for your customers can make a great contribution to how customers feel. If you have a well-designed visual image for your brand can be taken to full advantage when your packaging has been well designed.

So in this article, we will share our experience about the takeaway  packaging for a coffee shop. If you have an interest in running the relevant business, do not miss it.

What packaging a coffee shop should have ?

Customized printed Coffee cup

This is the core of the packaging. No matter what you take from a coffee shop. Finally, it will be packaged in a cup. This is the packaging that will be held in hand for the longest time when compared with another packaging like Cup sleeves.

When your customers decide to buy a coffee without dining- in. The coffee cup can be the best tool for advertisement. Just think about you are shopping with your girlfriend, you know how much time a girl can spend shopping. During the whole process, she and you can take two cups of coffee respectively. The logo or customized image of the coffee brand will show up in the place you and your girlfriend walkthrough. And just think about how much a customized coffee cup costs? That’s the most worthy thing I have ever heard.

A few decades ago,  almost all the coffee cups are in blank packaging. The coffee cup is just like the most ordinary cup which uses for holding the coffee and give them to customers. Some of the cafes tried to use the coffee cups for branding, but that did not produce amazing results. Until Starbucks, You know how popular it is nowadays. Just using a simple branding method of printing their logo on the cups,  Starbucks let us know how significant the coffee up can be.

carry lots of coffe or beverage

2. Customized Coffee Sleeves

The coffee sleeve was designed to prevent consumers from burning their hands on the cups with hot coffee inside. It’s familiar with the coffee cups. Customized coffee sleeves have been one of the significant marketing tools.

No matter corporate coffee shop chains or artisanal cafes, almost all the businesses in coffee areas will prepare coffee sleeves for their customers. Unless one day nobody drinks the hot coffee. That’s impossible.  The coffee sleeve will never lose its position.

3. Custom Branded Napkins

Actually, the napkin is not part of the packaging. But it’s also important to a cafe. So we will mention it here by the way.

As needed as the coffee cup itself, a napkin could be an efficient method for marketing. Actually, this is not only for the cafes. Service businesses all over the world would notice the significance of napkins nowadays.

Investment in Custom branded Napkins enables you to pay minimal effort to get large benefits.

4.  Custom Printed Takeaway Packaging for A Coffee Shop

I believe that most of you had the experience of buying coffee for your friends or colleagues.  When you take a few cups of coffee yourself, get out of the cafe and go back to the office, you absolutely hope that the takeaway packaging for these cups of coffee is stable. Just imagine that it breaks in half you back to the office. All the coffee is spread onto the ground. That’s a tragedy for both you and your friends.

To the Takeaway Packaging for A Coffee Shop, the purpose of marketing should be placed at the second position. The stability of the packaging is the top priority.

At Primepac, we are experts at selecting and stocking the highest quality and the largest variety of packaging supplies for coffee shops and tea houses. We carry a variety of single wall, double wall, and triple wall coffee cups, cup sleeves, lids, cup carriers, and more. We know that quality packaging is important for you and your customers, so they can enjoy the perfect sip of tea or cup of coffee every time. Plus, all our products are 100% customizable, so you (and they) get exactly what you want, every time.

Takeaway Packaging for A Coffee Shop

The importance of takeaway packaging for a coffee shop.

Takeaway packaging for A Coffee Shop can bring you a lot of benefits, some of which were mentioned above already. In this part,, we will share our views about the benefits of taking away packaging.

1. Make the coffee more appealing

The taste of coffee actually is not the only factor that can make a difference to the consumer experience. What we see and the feel of touching can also influence how we enjoy the coffee. The right packaging can make the coffee even more appealing than you drink it in the cafe.  That’s what takeaway packaging for A Coffee Shop can bring to the customer.  Your investment in the takeaway packaging for a Coffee Shop would not disappoint you.

2. Controls the Temperature

When you place an order of hot coffee, you would get a cup of coffee in a dixie cup rather than the plastic cup use for the cold coffee. Different materials of packaging can fix different conditions of the product. To maintain the temperature of the hot coffee, using dixie cups is the better choice, improving the experience of the customers. There’s nothing worse than ordering a hot coffee only to have it arrive cold. Nobody knows what will happen during the process of delivery.

3. Improve sales

People are easier to buy the things which can catch their eyes at the first glance. One survey has found that about 72 % of American consumers say that packaging design is the main factor that can make a contribution to their decision.  The takeaway packaging for a coffee shop  is an advertisement for the cafe, attracting people who saw the packaging to give it a shot.

4. Charge a Premium

This benefit is only possible when your packaging design is good enough. Well-packaged food has a higher perceived value.  Just take Starbucks as an example, if we compare the taste of the coffee, Starbucks can not charge such a price. The Premium comes from the packaging and brand.  That’s the goal of all businesses.

5. Reinforce your brand image

Compared with a little manual that fills with your brand introduction, vision, and others, there is no doubt that people are more willing to read a simple logo or slogan. The takeaway packaging for a coffee shop is a good chance for you to reinforce your brand image. With the combination of Color, line, and front, a good design image serves as the tool to express your company values to the customers in a smooth way.

takeaway banner

The Choice Of Materials and Cost

For the packaging of coffee, there are some kinds of materials that are more common than others.

It’s significant for the choice of material. As we mentioned above,  we should use the cups made of different materials for the coffee in different temperatures.

Choosing the right materials is the first step in selecting packaging. There are a variety of materials available, such as plastic, cardboard, and styrofoam, as well as biodegradable and sustainable alternatives. Each has its own pros and cons:

To the styrofoam, we would not advise you to use this kind of material. For the most obvious reason, it’s not an eco-friendly material. And most of the countries have already introduced some relevant policies to reduce the use of materials that will cause environmental pollution, like styrofoam and plastic.

As to plastics, they can provide excellent protection for food.  But they have the same problem as styrofoam- having a bad influence on the environment.

Aluminum/foil is durable and sealable, but it’s not the common material for coffee packaging. Besides, the price is relatively high than the other kind of materials.

For the coffee packaging, paper/cardboard is the best material for the sleeve.  This kind of material is biodegradable and cost-effective. Besides, it’s easy to customize.

For coffee cups, people nowadays use bioplastics as the material, which is far better for the environment.

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