Paper cylinder packaging is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. It is light in weight, easy to transport, environmental protection, food, cosmetics, and other industries used. Paper cylinder made from recycled paper is also growing in popularity as they focus on protecting trees and reducing solid waste.

Due to the excellent performance of paper tube packaging, it has been widely used in many fields such as cosmetics packaging, essential oil packaging, food packaging, and so on. Either printed or unprinted cylinder packaging will be superior to square packaging in terms of aesthetics. There are many manufacturers on the web offering custom round boxes. They can be found by typing “Paper cylinder” on Google and other search engines, but you need to identify them carefully to find suppliers who can produce high-quality customized packaging. To judge the quality of the paper tube packaging is that the edge of the paper tube packaging has no crease, and other printing processes are also very good. We can meet your needs.

The benefit of paper cylinder packaging


Paper cylinder packing box, also known as cylinder paper box, paper can, round box packaging, cylinder box, mainly consists of cylinder cover, cylinder body, cylinder bottom composition.

Compared with the ordinary gift box, its biggest characteristic is that the shape is round.

From the point of view of the production process, the cylinder box is mainly composed of the outer paper of the cylinder, the pipe, and the inner mounting layer of the cylinder.

The advantages of carton packing are as follows:

1. Environmental protection.

Like paper gift boxes, paper cylinder boxes are also made of paper, which is an environmentally friendly material. As we all know, paper-based materials are the most environmentally friendly materials.

They are taken from nature and can be naturally degraded after being discarded, causing no harm to the environment.

Because the composition material is paper, so the paper cylinder box has the environmental protection characteristics of paper: a natural material, easy to degrade, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

2. It’s cheap.

Because the automated production of cylindrical box packaging machinery is higher than that of ordinary paper gift boxes, it consumes less labor, and the relative price is 40% – 60% cheaper than the bottom of the paper gift box.

It does not need to be like a gift box, but also can be beer-shaped cardboard, slotting, manual-folding, laminating, a few processes can be formed, as long as a disposable professional paper cylinder machine according to the customized paper diameter pipe.

It’s also easier to mount than a regular square gift box. With the help of a machine, large quantities of mounting paper can be installed efficiently.

Mechanized production leads to the price advantage of round box packaging.

3. Customized printing customer design.

As we all know, in the more than two thousand years since Cai Lun invented paper in China, the kinds of paper have become more and more abundant.

There are white-coated paper, kraft paper, black paper, colorful fancy paper, different lines of a special paper, and so on.

Customers believe that the paper can be printed in a variety of rich design patterns, color or black and white. When you get there, you can print it.

Also can be used for rich surface treatment or decoration, such as bronzing, bump/concave, over light/matte/tactile, silkscreen marks, etc.

By installing and printing the face paper designed by the customer on the outside, the drum box can obtain a rich look and pattern design, can obtain the product in the introduction box, attracts the customer’s attention, the purpose of promoting the customer’s brand.


4, It can be used for packaging a variety of products.

Cylindrical gift box packaging is suitable for all types of packaging. It can be used as packaging boxes for cosmetics, mobile phones, nuts, biscuits, food, T-shirts, round pencil boxes, round candle boxes, glass bottle boxes, delicate round flowers and other electronic products, children’s game boxes, etc.

Through the design of different sizes and structures, cylindrical box packaging has a wide range of packaging matching purposes.


5. Light and durable.

Compared with tin boxes and another packing, round boxes are light in weight and easy to handle. It is supported mainly by a strong paper cylinder core.

It’s very strong and durable. The product can be well protected during transportation. Customers can keep the boxes after use, reuse them or use them as home storage boxes.


Paper cylinder packaging has this advantage, but where can we customize paper cylinder packaging? Major Custom specializes in the design and production of all kinds of paper cylinder boxes.

If you need to customize your own packaging box, need to assist with the design, the price needs preferential, please contact us.

We can provide you with one-stop service from design, proofing, custom production, and transportation. In short, if you tell us what you want, we can make what you want and send it to you.

6. Sustainability

More and more customers are paying attention to the environment and practicing sustainability in their daily lives, including buying behavior.

PET cans, metal cans, and paper tubes are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable compared to other coffee packagings such as multilayer bags and pouches.

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, it is necessary to look for more environmentally friendly coffee packaging options so that your customers can enjoy their delicious coffee in a sustainable way.

Even better, with a “green” brand image, you have a better chance of winning your competition and getting more repeat customers.

The steps of making paper cylinder

In your daily life, you may not need to know that a cylinder is a three-dimensional geometric figure with the same size and parallel bottom surface. However, when trying to create this shape from a piece of paper, the above-mentioned characteristics are crucial. Despite the complexity of the composition, the cylinder is relatively easy to make-usually the most difficult part of the process is to determine the size of the cylinder and the color of the paper.

Step 1
Determine the cylinder height you want.


Step 2
Measure the paper and cut it to the required size as needed. For example, cut the paper into a 6-inch cylinder 6 inches long on both sides. If you want a 12-inch or 9-inch tall structure, you don’t need to modify the standard-size kraft paper.


Step 3
Place the small label of the tape on one end of the paper with the sticky side facing up. The sides of the tape are perpendicular to the height you measured.

Step 4
Roll the paper until the cylinder reaches the desired diameter. Press the tape label onto the roll.


Stop those bases
Step 1
Make an open tank.


Step 2
Cut out two circles with the same diameter as the cylinder.


Step 3

Fold the 1-inch tape label in half. Place them in the opened cylinder with the folded part of the paper edge and the extra part of the label facing the inside of the cylinder.


Step 4
Press one of the circles onto the tape label. Repeat on the other end of the cylinder.


If your paper is much wider than the required diameter, you can cut the paper while measuring and cutting the height.

You can also use glue or glue labels to hold the cylinders together.

For extra stability in the closed cylinder, cut the base from the cardboard.

The cons of the paper cylinder

1. unit package price

Compared to zipper bags and bags, paper cylinder packaging has a much higher unit packaging cost regardless of the quantity ordered. Therefore, whether to use paper tube actually depends on the positioning of the product brand. If your product is aimed at the higher end of the market, you can afford this packaging price point. On the other hand, if the price of the product is low for the mass market, then paper cylinder packaging is definitely not the right choice.


2. freight

If you are buying paper cylinder packaging from China or elsewhere abroad, shipping costs are an important aspect to be concerned about.

Unlike bags, which can be pressed flat for transport, paper cylinders take up more space during transport.

For air transport, in particular, more space means more money. If the pipe is large and transported by air, transportation costs may be too high.

For large orders, make a purchase plan in advance and ship by sea. This can save a lot of transportation costs.


3. sealing

With additional lining and food-grade raw materials, paper cylinders can be used as primary packaging for the product and are not as sealed as zippered bags. With a zipper bag, customers can easily drain all the air out of the bag and then re-close it to form an air-tight seal.


However, it is not as good to do so by packing the tubes in paper cylinders, especially if the cylinders have paper ends. Metal end caps may help to provide a better airtight seal, but the minimum order quantity for metal caps is much higher.

Therefore, the best practice is to use paper cylinders as secondary packaging for roasted beans to ensure excellent airtightness.

Tips when buying paper cylinder packaging

It is very important for enterprises to choose a good manufacturer to buy paper cylinders. The following considerations can help you identify a good seller to buy paper cylinders:

1. Type of packaging product

You should choose the correct type of paper packaging tube for the specialized product to be packaged.

You should buy stronger paper cylinders for fragile and fragile items such as glass, ceramics, etc. Paper cylinders are ideal for packing products that need to be transported over long distances.

They are light and durable and prevent any damage to the product during transit.


2. Buy from a trusted seller

It is important to buy paper cylinder packaging from a trusted seller. You can view online reviews and get feedback from others who have used such services.

Buying from a reputable seller ensures that we get the best quality paper tubes to pack your products.

You can also check that the paper cylinder packaging is ISO certified. Once you have identified a good seller, you should establish a long-term working relationship with them.


3. Check minimum order limits

Some sellers may impose minimum orders or quantity limits. Before giving them a work order, you must check with the seller to see if they have any minimum order quantity limits.

Small businesses may not have a large demand for paper cylinders.

It is natural to like the big manufacturers because they have the best equipment and resources.

However, they may not have a high minimum order for small business tables on YouTube. Choose the seller that best meets your needs.


4. The price

You must explore a variety of sellers before analyzing which sellers are best for your business. It’s best to get quotes from at least three different sellers. You should try to choose the manufacturer with the lowest price. However, price should not be the only criterion for choosing a manufacturer. Some offer very low prices and compromise on product quality. You should choose a manufacturer who offers you the ideal combination of price and quality.


Paper cylinder is becoming popular all over the world. It offers a unique packaging option. Paper cylinder is light and easy to transport. They also provide good protection for packaged products from damage and contamination. It is also environmentally friendly and therefore helps to protect the environment. Paper cylinder packaging is widely used in cosmetics, food, and other different industries. This paper introduces the main advantages of using paper tube packaging in depth.