With the improvement of Eco-friendly awareness, ,people are focusing more on products that would not cause pollution to the environment.

One obvious example is that the less use of plastic bags.  Many years ago, when you go to the supermarket, the staff there would not mean to provide plastic bags to you for free.

Nowadays, the supermarket would charge the plastic bags, encouraging you to take bags yourself. From the example, we can know that what the social trend will be?

The environmental problem has been the priority, because of its connection with the earth, our living place.

So For these reasons, Calico bags has been increasingly popular nowadays.  In this article, we would share some knowledge about them. If you have interests, just read on.

What is Calico?

Originated in the southwest Indian state of Kerala, Calico had had a long history of applying it into daily life before European traders first found it.

Since at least the 12th century, Calico has served as the canvas for artists and designers for its affordability and extreme durability. These two features also make Calico fabric popular nowadays.

“Calico” means an unbleached, unfinished fabric made from cotton fibers, which is always described as a half- processed cotton cloth.

The fabric in such condition will appear in the color of beige or gray tinge. It’s a little bit heavier than muslin, but not as heavy as canvas or denim. a common use for calico has been for cloth designers’ samples, or for the mock-ups made before final garments are crafted in more expensive fabrics.


The benefits of Calico bags


1. Affordable

As a natural fiber without complicated growing conditions, Calico can grow in different continents. Such conditions promise a voluminous flow of the raw material which enables us to produce different kinds of bags and carriage products.

On the other hand, With a big output of raw material, the price of Calico fabric can be lower. To the manufacturer, the cost of manufacturing can be lower at the same time.

So actually, affordability is the most important reason why calico bags can be one of the alternatives to plastic bags.

2. Open to Designs

As we mentioned above, the material of them is kind of “ half- processed”, so the color would be gray or beige.

This kind of color and the texture of the material enable people to imprint or emboss different designs and patterns on the bags.

No matter you want to decorate the bags with paints, tints, or another vision image, Calico is your best choice.

No matter what techniques you want to use, from digital, mechanical to printing methods, calico bags can hold it.

If you are a business owner, you may want to print the company logo on the bags, but actually, the calico can do more.

You can print some images which express your companies vision and others. Calico bags are durable, so people would take them outside again and again. That’s the perfect advertisement.

3. The durability of Calico Bags

With the support of modern construction techniques, The calico bag nowadays can provide users long durability without the bad influence on the planet earth.

The strong Tearing resistance enables you to use it for a super long time. Besides, the texture of Calico makes them ideal for making gunny bags, which are proper for heavy-duty carriage.  Calico bags can be used as grocery bags, shopping bags, casual backpacks, and others.

The high durability of the product makes sure that the customers can use it for a long time without replacement and additional expenses, making a great contribution to the eco-friendly living style.


4. Reusable

A calico bag is not like a plastic bag, which can not be used when it breaks. People can only discard broken plastic bags.

Further, the plastic can not be degraded, so the chemicals left behind will worse the environmental problems.

When it comes to the calico bags, we would not face these problems. Slightly frayed calico bags can be used for other purposes.

Such as storage for good grains, cooking ingredients, raw condiments, etc.  Let’s assume that the calico you have is broken into pieces for roughly use. In such conditions, you can also sew the broken pieces together to serve as doormats, rugs, and other things with similar materials.

5. An Alternative to Plastic

As we mentioned above, environmental problems have become increasingly important for their influence on our life.

Calico bag is a perfect alternative the plastic, threatening the widespread use of plastic bags.

Governments from various countries have to devote themself together to promote the benefits of using them. Also, the policies should be on the same track.

Such promotion can help in the replacement of plastic bags,  also enhance the supply chain of calico bags.

A mature supply chain can lower the price as soon as possible, which can make the price of products more affordable and easy to contact with the public.

In addition to the durability of Calico bags, what calico bags can bring to both consumers and business owners will be far more than plastic bags.

For business owners, brand marketers, and promoters, calico bags are very good market tools. The versatility and durability of a calico bag can make it easy to be circulated among people, which increases the visibility of the brand.

So in the following part, we will introduce the benefits of Calico bags in the business area.


6. Higher visibility for your brand

Though we have mentioned the advantages of calico bags, again and again, it’s so significant. Calico bags’  high durability enables them to do many things in various conditions.

People can use them for almost anything. Carrying vegetables, books, toys, any items you want. That’s the perfect chance for a marketer.

Your brand can be shown up when your customers carry the calico bags outside. gradually, your brand will be more famous to the people who often see the calico bags with your brand logo. That’s how high visibility can make your business develop.


7. Enduring advertisement

The money you plow for the custom printed calico bags will be worth every penny.

Unlike the advertisement on the television, you can only leave a short-term impression on the customers when you pay a great deal of money for it.

If the advertisement video is not in, it’s possible to get no obvious results. Such problems would not happen when you turn to the marketing of Calico bags.

If you can make beautiful customized calico bags, what you can expect would not be less than the results you can get from Tv advertisements. And such advertisement can last for a long time because of its durability.

8. Larger surface area for customization

Calico bags can provide wide space for customization.

To attract people’s attention, how to design the image printed in the calico bags is significant.  A Calico bag has enough space for you to do such a thing.

The canvas made of calico fabric is proper for the artists and designers, which means that you can design and print some complicated images on the bags.

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From the content we shared above, you may have a relatively clear knowledge of what is calico bags and the benefits of seeing calico bags.  Both to the environment and to ourselves, using calico bags is a good choice. Stopping using plastic bags is necessary.

If you have interests in the custom calico bags wholesale, contact Primepac, you would not be disappointed.

I have other questions about calico bags or Primepac, please feel free to contact us through email or telephone, we will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for your reading!