In the world of packaging, trends can emerge quickly and unpredictably. Even if you closely follow industry news and updates, it can be challenging to keep up with all the new and innovative ways to showcase products that might not have been on your radar before.

One such packaging trend that has gained widespread popularity in recent years is stand-up pouches. While these flexible containers have been around for decades, they are now being embraced by an increasing number of manufacturers and consumers alike. This is due in part to growing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options, as stand-up pouches are often more efficient and less wasteful than other types of packaging.

So what exactly is a stand-up pouch? In essence, it is a soft-sided container that can stand upright without the need for additional support. Stand-up pouches typically feature resealable zippers, rails, or nozzles, and can be used to store a wide variety of products, including solids, liquids, and powders.

One of the key benefits of stand-up pouches is their versatility. They are used by manufacturers of food, beverages, personal care products, vitamins, pet food, and many other types of items. Additionally, these pouches often feature easy-to-open rip openings and strong latches to keep products fresh for extended periods, making them a popular choice for consumers.

If you’re considering stand-up pouches for your product, you may be wondering how to choose the right type of pouch. Factors such as size, material, and closure type can all impact the effectiveness of your packaging. To learn more about how to select the ideal stand-up pouch for your needs, read on.


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The benefits of stand up pouches

If you want to imagine what these little bags look like, think of the staple of an elementary school lunch box: Capri Sun Single-Serving Drink. Many baby food or granola containers also have stand-up pouches.

Scan the shelves of any retailer in 2019, and you’ll start to notice stand-up bags everywhere.

Flexible packaging bags: one of the fastest-growing flexible packaging market segments

Because of their versatility, flexibility, and rich range of potential uses, stand-up pouches (also known as flexible bags) are more popular than ever — and are an important addition to the options available in manufacturing.

More and more products are packed in these pouches, from coffee beans to soap refills to potato chips.

According to a study by the Freedonia Group, demand for stand-up pouches packaging in the United States will grow nearly 6 percent year on year to $2.9 billion by 2022.

Because they are lighter and take up less shelf space, stand-up pouches generally make product handling and storage easier — so they should be a serious packaging consideration for many manufacturers.

Upright and angular bags benefit brands, manufacturers, and consumers

Standalone and corner support bags have many potential benefits, depending on your product needs or content.

These include:


Stand-up pouches packaging can often be resealed, which is a big advantage for consumers. Perishables like vegetables, for example, can stay fresh longer with a sliding zipper that can be re-closed. In addition, they make it easier for people who may have disabilities or face dexterity challenges to turn products on and off.

Remove the window

Transparency is an option for pouches. These windows allow consumers to view the contents of the container and often increase the likelihood of a purchase. As a recent Forbes article pointed out, “Beyond what’s listed on the label, consumers want to see the real thing before they buy.”

Flexbile packaging for Food


Stand-up pouches are usually recyclable or can be made from recyclable or sustainable materials — a key factor in today’s market expectations. Once you enter a multi-layer bag that includes foil and other barrier layers, you will be limited.

Less material

Compared to many competing options, stand-up pouches require less material to produce, thus reducing waste and manufacturing costs, and reducing carbon footprint. Because they are lighter, it can also reduce transportation costs. Consumers are also looking for more sustainable options, so these pouches have retail appeal.


Nozzles have been added to the top of these pouches, making it easy to pour products such as sauces and other liquids into them without causing any confusion.


Although the stand-up pouches are made of flexible material, they are strong and designed to stay standing – even if the bag is only partially full. This is where they are ideal for resealable products or for items that may be used intermittently.

The handle

Handles are an additional option for stand-up pouches. These additions make it easy for consumers to carry products without the need for extra bags.

What’s more, the trend toward stand-up pouches is in line with consumers’ changing eating habits. People are moving away from three main meals and toward snacks throughout the day.

According to a 2018 study by Technomic, consumers are now more likely (than in 2016) to substitute snacks for one or two meals a day. Eighty percent of consumers said they snack at least once a day.

Stand up pouches support this trend, as they can usually be resealed and/or can contain small portions that are ideal for a single size portion.


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Why choose stand-up bags for product packaging?

Choosing your packaging criteria always starts with identifying the main requirements for your product. Here are some important reasons why stand-up pouches packaging may be the best choice for your product.

1. Better Brand Awareness

As mentioned earlier, packaging is an important branding and sales tool. Shelf-mounted packages provide minimal visibility, while the stand-up pouches act like their own poster or hoard upright on a shelf. They provide better visibility and space for high-resolution graphics to appeal to consumers.

2. Product Preview

The main focus of the stand-up pouches packaging is to show the contents of the bag and to show the product inside. Vertically laminated bags will neatly accentuate your products while avoiding distortions in shape. In addition, if it is a stand-up pouch, the important and mandatory information listed on the package is clearly visible from a distance.

3. Promotion and sale

Stand-up pouches packaging is available in various sizes and lengths in different market segments. In this regard, the main focus of Pouch is to provide products in smaller quantities or sample quantities to promote them and build brand awareness. Promotional packs take up less space and are perfect for packing sample sizes. Promo packs allow consumers to experience your product without any purchase commitment.

Preservation and protection

Stand-up pouches packaging is not only great for displaying your products, but their storage and protection capabilities make them popular. The size of the bag plays a crucial role in protecting any kind of product, including sharp or bulky objects. You can use these bags to store frozen items, though. When choosing bags, consider the specifications and special additives in the material that are essential for the preservation and protection of the product.

5. Convenience and portability

These flexible stand-up pouches take up less space on shelves or kitchen shelves than jugs or boxes. They can be carried or transported from one place to another without any trouble or leakage problems. In addition, they have reclosing zippers. This helps consumers reseal when they have some content left in the bag.

6. Sustainability and Economy

Like all flexible packaging, stand-up pouches require less material and less energy to manufacture. Rigid packaging costs three times as much energy per unit as stand-up pouches. This means that laminated stand-up pouches can save companies costs and improve profit margins. On the distribution side, more units of stand-up pouches are packed in a car, thus helping to save on fuel costs.


All the features outlined make the stand-up pouches stand out in the packaging industry. No wonder they are one of the fastest-growing packaging formats. Are you looking forward to buying a stand-up pouch for your product or brand? If so, consider consulting with some of the industry’s leading Plastic bag manufacturers, such as Universal Plastic. The company manufactures a full range of flexible packaging for its customers. They have a wide range of stock, including plastic bags, resealable bags, trash bin linings, clothing bags, etc.

What makes the stand-up pouches so popular?

Inflexible packaging, stand-up pouches may be one of the fastest-growing firms. Over the past few years, stand-up pouches have played an important role in the transition from rigid to flexible packaging.


Like rigid packaging, stand-up pouches stand upright and are easy to grip. But because it’s flexible, it’s easier to store and put in shopping bags.


Brands and retailers have noticed and therefore exploited their (and their consumers’) strengths, and it’s this ease of use among consumers. Consumers are more likely to buy products with convenient packaging than those with inconvenient packaging.


Packaging analysts say the standalone bags first caught on in the food sector. In the food sector, stand-up pouches make it easier for children to get food, while also reducing confusion.


In short, the stand-up pouches are easier to use. In addition, depending on the food, it may make more sense to use flexible packaging rather than hard packaging.


When considering packaging, ask yourself if you can make the process of getting food easier by using a stand-up pouch. If the answer is yes, it may be in your best interest to use stand-up pouches instead of other types of packaging.



Packaging has become an important part of the branding campaign because it is the appearance of the product. Not only can it protect your food or items, but it also helps keep them fresh and original. Nowadays, there are many options in terms of packaging, including stand-up pouches packaging. Top brands from all walks of life are replacing traditional packaging with flexible packaging methods as they focus on using environmentally friendly and lightweight packaging materials. Stand-up pouches packaging fits all of these categories and can be placed directly on retail shelves.