A bag made of polypropylene nonwoven fabric with a cotton finish is called a non woven bag. In terms of the use of non woven bags, these soft, smooth bags are attractive and popular with today’s shoppers and the environmentally-conscious generation. These eco-friendly non woven bags are now the preferred choice of retailers, wholesalers, and major brands because of their ability to produce attractive colors and prints and their durability in the use of woven bags.

For a long time, we have been using plastic bags to satisfy our shopping needs. Plastic bags are the norm in public markets, malls, department stores, and other places where people buy and sell things. However, climate change is becoming an increasing threat, which has led to calls for a ban on plastic bags. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of non woven shopping bags, which are touted as an alternative to plastic bags.

The difference between woven and non woven bags

Woven and non woven bags are great and can be customized. Each package has its own unique advantages and features. But what’s the difference?

Woven bags are usually made of woven fabric. This gives the fabric strength. Usually, individual wires are joined together to make a piece of material. This process is usually repeated to produce a strong cloth. Then the cloth is used to make the woven bags.


Non woven bags, on the other hand, are usually manufactured. Although they are also made of fabric, the fabric is usually entangled rather than woven. This can be done mechanically, chemically, or thermally, depending on the product used.


It should be noted that woven bags and non woven bags are part of the recycling bag printing business. That’s because they’re all made from recycled materials. The only difference is the way they are constructed.

The benefits of non woven bags

Non woven bags can be printed on the company logo, brand information, service life of up to 5 years. Therefore, it can be used over and over again. That’s why the bags are popular with marketers. Let’s take a look at five benefits of using environmentally friendly non woven bags:

1. Great advertising tools:

For the use of non woven bag, a stylish and vibrant print bag is a great advertising tool. Non woven bag manufacturers print company logos and brands and produce stylish and trendy exquisite bags. In addition, people are shunning the usual PET bags in favor of reusable, recyclable, non woven tote bags due to the growing awareness of using environmentally friendly products. As a result, these packages can prove to be excellent advertising tools for companies in the use of woven bags.

2. The economy:

In terms of non woven bags, these bags are customized in a way that can greatly reduce production costs. These bags can be manufactured using a sealed ultrasonic method, which saves time and money on stitching and thus significantly reduces costs. This makes it very economical. Malls and retailers are starting to charge for the bags, which are easy for consumers to pay for in the use of non woven bag.


3. Durable:

Compared to traditional shopping bags, the use of non woven bags are durable and can last up to five years. In short, these bags can be used and reused hundreds of times and can carry more loads than traditional shopping bags. These bags are waterproof, beautiful, and recyclable. These bags don’t break, tear, or wear the way paper or PET bags do. Therefore, non woven bags are definitely better than other similar products for the use of non woven bags.


4. Fashion:

The packaging company in Mumbai produces the bags and makes sure they look stylish. These bags are the perfect choice for today’s fashionable, style-conscious generation in the use of woven bags.

5. Environmental protection:

More and more companies, retailers, and wholesalers are fulfilling their social responsibility by switching to environmentally friendly non woven bags. Companies that act responsibly and fulfill their social responsibilities are perceived as trustworthy by consumers. As a result, these reusable bags will act as brand ambassadors for the company and go a long way in winning customers for the use of non woven bag.

With increasing awareness of the environment and in line with the government’s Clean India initiative, these non woven bags are sure to be here for the long haul in the use of non woven bags.

The disadvantage of non woven bags

1. It takes more time and effort to create

Unlike paper and plastic bags, which can be easily made together, non woven shopping bags require more labor and time in the use of non woven bag.

2.Not waterproof

Depending on the material and structure used, non woven bags are not waterproof. So don’t expect them to keep water in the bag or to keep it from getting into the bag. This is one of the clear winning factors for plastic bags and other shopping bags that use PVC or plastic coating.

Why non woven bags are so popular?

Protecting the environment is a major problem. Every small step in this direction makes a relevant contribution. Adding non woven fabric bags to plastic and paper bags is such a step.

With the improvement of awareness, people began to understand the necessity of using non woven bags. Whether it’s shopping bags, packaging bags, or anything else, they’re used in every possible way.

The following are some of the advantages of non woven bags:

1. fashionable

Companies like ZedPack offer a variety of nonwoven bags. With the wide variety of colors and styles available on the market, they can help you increase your style quotient. You can choose from a variety of styles, including D-cut, loop handle, box, shiny and more.

2. durable

One of the greatest advantages of non-woven bags is their durability. They are made by combining chemical formulas with long and short fibers. It makes them strong. Bags do not tear easily, so they are durable.

3. The environmental protection

One of the reasons for the single-handedly driven shift from plastic bags to non woven bags is that they do not harm the environment. Also, unlike paper bags, they are not made by cutting down trees. Environment-friendly bags are the need of the moment.

4.Reusable and lightweight

Strong non woven bags have the advantage of being reusable. They can be easily cleaned and reused.

These bags are very light in weight. Zedpack’s non woven bags are convenient and effective, making them the perfect companion for your trip.

5.The fluid

The fabric used to make non-woven bags is water-repellent by nature. This allows the bags to function even in the rainy season.

6. Provide convenient storage

Storing these bags is a very easy thing to do. They are collapsible and can be stackable in closets, drawers, etc. They take up very little space and are easy to carry in the use of non woven bags.

7. Economic material benefit

Non woven shopping bags are great value for money. Compared to plastic and paper bags, they are cheaper and easily fit anyone’s budget in the use of non woven bags.

8. Recycled

100% recyclable non woven bags play an important role in protecting the environment. Paper bags can only be recycled up to three times, while non woven bags can be recycled multiple times.

9. Provide effective ventilation

The tightly woven pattern of the non woven bags provides adequate ventilation for the products carried. This is useful when food items such as candy or vegetables need to be transported in the use of non woven bag.

10. Effective branding tools

Nonwoven packaging bags can be made in different shapes and sizes. It can be created on-demand, based on the products that need to be packaged or carried. This flexibility has helped them become one of the most effective branding tools. Companies can easily print them in the colors of their choice as well as their logos and mottos.

Branding not only defines the company’s vision but also captures the audience’s attention. This ultimately leads to an increase in the customer base, which in turn increases business.

The market is experiencing a surge in the use of non woven bags. They not only offer multiple advantages but also promise a bright future for the environment.

The use of the non-woven bag

These bags are a much-improved alternative to PE or polyethylene bags because they are made of polypropylene (PP), which has a very different structure from polyethylene. Since PE has a more stable structure, it is much more difficult to separate. To be honest, it takes about 300 years for it to fully biodegrade. On the contrary, polypropylene is prone to chain degradation due to its unstable chemical structure and the use of the nonwoven bag.


For the use of non woven bags, you can purchase non woven bags online on our website, for grocery stores, department stores, promotional companies, wine bags, cake and coffee bags, food bags for carrying large amounts of flour, rice, clothing bags, insulation bags, cross-body bags, folding bags, zipper tote bags, and drawstring gift bags.


Non woven bags are the most environmentally friendly, versatile, and practical bags on the market today. More and more people look forward to the widespread use of non woven bags.


Non woven bags are rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of reusable bags for retail use. There are many reasons and benefits that drive popularity. The bags are made of non woven polypropylene or NWPP for short. Polypropylene non-woven fabric bags are polypropylene polymer spun into fluffy long threads, and then the threads are pressed together to get a woven texture of the flexible fabric. Texture creates breathable and washable fabrics. What’s more, polypropylene non woven fabrics are very durable, and the color and texture of polypropylene non woven bags can last for years. This will enable your customer to continuously use the bag over and over again. Essentially, your customers can reuse your brand of reusable bags for years to come. By sending your customers home with non-woven bags, you will be launching a batch of brand ambassadors for your company who use your customized reusable bags in their daily lives.