Australian businesses are constantly in need of various kinds of shipping boxes in order to transport their goods around the country. This article looks at ten top manufacturers of shipping boxes in Australia; these companies make all kinds of different types and sizes, including cardboard corrugated boxes, plastic corrugated boxes (the kind many people might remember seeing stacked up next to supermarkets when doing their weekly grocery shop), bubble wrap packaging, stretch film, paper bags and white paper labeling rolls for box sealing.



How to find the best shipping box manufacturers in Australia

The simplest way to find the best shipping box manufacturers in Australia is to search for them online. Search engines such as Google will deliver a list of all Australian companies which manufacture and supply cardboard boxes, including their location, contact information, and company profile. In order to quickly narrow down these results, it may be helpful to include ‘shipping’ or ‘packaging’ in the search term, with the most relevant companies appearing first in the list returned by a search engine.

Perfect for online businesses, how to find the best shipping box manufacturers is a must in this day and age. If you have your own business or if you are an employee who works with packages on a daily basis, there are options out there for how to ship boxes when it comes time to send them off.

Why shipping box Australia is so important


If you were looking for a shipping box Australia then looks no further because after reading this article you will know everything that you need to know about them. In this article, we will answer questions like why do they have different sizes? How does one determine which size their shipping box should be? How to determine shipping box Australia size and much more.


The shipping container Australia is the best way to pack and preserve the products. These shipping containers prevent the goods from being damaged by ensuring that they are tightly packed inside a shipping box. There could be any number of reasons why it is important to ensure that products reach safely, without getting damaged. The shipping boxes can be used for storing other items such as clothes and other household items.



One of the primary reasons why shipping box Australia is so important in shipping is that shipping boxes support better stacking for shipping purposes. Stacking shipping containers can be a good way to safely store shipping boxes until they are needed again. Sliding them into each other also works well if you want something more organized.


The shipping box Australia is for people who are involved in shipping or work with shipping on a daily basis.

People who are working as movers and packers use shipping containers to carry heavy machinery and items since it has many benefits.

However, everybody cannot afford the shipping containers because of their high price tag. This is why people are going for shipping boxes that are cheap.



The shipping box Australia is mostly used by people who are engaged in a business or related to shipping.

The shipping box in Australia is made of finely tuned materials and the boxes are used for shipping products from one location to another. Shipping boxes are made so that they can be stacked upon each other without causing any damage to the items enclosed inside them.

shipping box manufacturers

How shipping box Australia can be useful

Shipping box Australia is an important packing material that is used for shipping items across the country or overseas.

Currently, there are many people who have started shipping goods from one place to another by bypassing freight companies and courier services due to their heavy prices and slower delivery time.

In this case, shipping box Australia’s become a general requirement in shipping goods because the packing material will keep your product safe from spills, damages, etc.

Plus, it also minimizes the chances of being stolen if you are shipping your products to other countries as well. Here is how shipping box Australia can be useful for you:


1) If you want to send a gift item at or any other occasion then it must be packed well in shipping box Australia


2) While shipping fragile products, shipping boxes are highly essential.


3) Sometimes, a china shipping box is used when a large number of similar items are being shipped together in bulk to store and protect them from any kind of damage.


4) If you want to ship any item from one place to another then shipping box Australia will prove useful for you because it keeps your goods safe.


5) In case if any glassware or delicate product is being shipped then a shipping carton must be used for protecting the item from breaking due to mishandling during transit as shipping cartons keep everything grounded while sending goods by sea.

It also ensures that nothing breaks during the shipping process which could have happened easily if shipping box Australia has not been used.


6) If you are shipping your products to an overseas location then shipping boxes is important because it ensures that the goods are not just packed but also protected from damages and theft.


For shipping, a large number of laptops at once shipping cartons will help in keeping everything grounded without causing any damage to the items while shipping them.


When it comes to shipping box Australia, what are the shipping advantages of shipping to Australia?


There are many shipping companies that provide excellent shipping services including FedEx, DHL, and TNT. These companies have different shipping options for you.

You can book a package using their online facilities or go through their local branches for learning more about cost and shipment details. In case you have any confusion or query regarding shipping information, then contact them and get your solved issues resolved without any hassle within no time.

When it comes to shipping box Australia, there are some notable benefits that can be enjoyed by both merchants and customers if they hire these companies for international shipping:

– Time-saving:

–    Cost-saving:

–    Hassle-free shipping experience:

Why does shipping box Australia have different sizes?


The shipping companies and other shipping services that deliver your order need shipping boxes in some way or the other.

One of their main concerns is making sure that all of their shipping boxes are not too big or too small for the item being shipped, this would reduce their costs when transporting items around.

It would also ensure that they can transport as many products per day as possible which will help them earn more money.

They do so by ensuring that every product fits properly into a shipping box without any difficulty (and space leftover). This ensures proper use of shipping space and gives enough room for cushioning material such as Styrofoam or bubble wraps and so on.

How do shipping box Australia sizes differ?


The shipping companies that deliver your products have shipping boxes in different dimensions depending on the type of item being shipped.

The size of a shipping box Australia is determined by the size of a single unit being delivered, usually an individual product.

For example, if it is something like a cup then it will require a smaller shipping box because there is no bulky packaging or foam boards etc to protect it from damage while shipping.

On the other hand, if its furniture such as tables or chairs then they are big items and need bigger shipping boxes. Shipping companies have different measures for small, medium, and large-sized shipping boxes which you can find below:

Small Box: a shipping box that can hold items such as cups, books, and DVDs.


Medium Box: a shipping box that is bigger than the small shipping box but able to hold similar types of items. Usually, the medium shipping box can be squeezed into areas where the small shipping box can’t fit in.


Large Box: this size of shipping box Australia are not only big but also has special measures for taking maximum protection from damage during shipping because they usually contain things like furniture or large appliances etc.

These boxes are usually very tough and also have extra cushioning material (such as bubble wraps) packed inside them for added protection.


How to determine shipping box Australia size?


To ensure that you get your order without any damage while shipping it, you need to determine the shipping box Australia size you would require. First of all, keep in mind that shipping boxes are not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing because they have different measures according to the shipping company and types of items being shipped.


The rules are simple; if shipping an electric appliance then use a large shipping box, for heavy items use medium-sized shipping boxes, and so on. You can also contact the shipping service directly if you want advice on what size would be best for your item or just get straight to work by checking out their list of shipping boxes sizes.

shipping box Australia is a very important shipping container in the shipping industry. Shipping companies have different shipping options for you and provide excellent shipping services including FedEx, DHL, and TNT.

They also help customers regarding cost and shipment details. If you have any confusion or query regarding shipping information, get your solved issues resolved without any hassle within no time.

Shipping box Australia has some notable benefits that can be enjoyed by both merchants and customers if they hire shipping companies.

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Development of shipping boxes manufacturers

Shipping boxes manufacturers are becoming more popular these days. Many people are looking for such services because they need to send goods or letters overseas on a regular basis and shipping things in envelopes, rather than buying shipping boxes manufacturers, can be costly and time-consuming.

There are many benefits associated with shipping using various options available which makes it very convenient and beneficial at the same time.

If you ship items regularly, choosing this option will save money as well as help speed up your shipping process where sending items via postal service takes longer compared to other methods of shipment like courier delivery companies that deliver products much faster than traditional mail carriers do.


Wholesale shipping boxes are used to transport items from one place to another.

There is a large selection of shipping containers on the market, and it’s important you find the perfect box that meets your needs and requirements before making any purchase.

When looking at shipping boxes there are many different choices depending on what they will be transporting as well as who is using them.

It would be wise to go through all options available since not only do these vary widely between suppliers but also depend greatly on where exactly these wholesalers will be shipped off too! If you’re interested here are some tips when buying shipping supplies wholesale!


There are many shipping box manufacturers that you can find on the internet. It’s important to go through all your options before making any purchase because not only do shipping boxes vary widely between suppliers but also depend greatly on where exactly these shipping supplies will be shipped off too!

If you’re looking for some tips when buying shipping containers wholesale, here is a great article:


If interested in shipping box manufacturers check out this site which has many different types of shipping containers with each one having its own purpose and uses depending on who or what they are transporting as well as where it gets sent.

Remember there are lots of choices so make sure to consider them all beforehand since these containers will vary quite significantly from the supplier as well depending on how they’ll be used.

This shipping box manufacturer guide is helpful for anyone looking to buy shipping supplies.

Where to find shipping boxes manufacturers


Many shipping companies, both large and small, will provide shipping boxes to customers at a relatively low cost. However, for those shipping companies that do not provide shipping box manufacturers, people may be forced to buy shipping boxes from other third-party sources. These shipping box manufacturers have the advantage of being able to supply a wide variety of shipping box sizes and styles, but they can also charge a rather high price for these shipping containers. Because of the way in which shipping containers are priced by these third-party sources, it can be very difficult to find affordable shipping box manufacturers. Fortunately, there are many places where people can look in order to find cheap shipping containers from wholesalers.

The Internet

The Internet is often the very best place to go when looking for shipping box manufacturers. The Internet provides people with the ability to locate shipping containers from wholesalers working in their area. It is also possible to find shipping box manufacturers who will be able to ship used shipping containers directly to a person’s door.

Another good option is local businesses that may offer shipping containers for sale at reasonable prices. However, these shipping companies and organizations generally do not operate online and someone would need to visit their location in order to see what types of shipping boxes they have available. This can make finding shipping box manufacturers inconvenient, but it can also allow people the chance to inspect any shipping boxes before purchasing them.

Wholesale Shipping Boxes on eBay

Someone interested in finding used shipping containers wholesale is certainly not limited to just looking in their local area or on the Internet. Another good option is eBay, where shipping boxes are often sold at low prices by individuals looking to make a quick profit.

A person can look online for shipping boxes at any time of day and they would most likely be able to find some shipping boxes for sale, whether it be shipping containers or shipping box manufacturers.

People should always remember that when it comes to finding cheap shipping containers from wholesalers, there are several options available.

While buying shipping containers wholesale may result in spending more money upfront compared with purchasing shipping containers retail, getting these shipping supplies from a wholesaler gives people the chance to save money over time because they will not need to repurchase shipping containers as often.

How to find shipping box manufacturers for your shipping needs?


– Determining Your Needs


When looking for shipping box manufacturers, you need to determine what size and type of box work best for your shipping situation. You’ll also want to consider how much weight is involved in the shipment because this will affect which kind of shipping carton you buy. For example, if you’re shipping breakables or fragile items that are light in weight such as glassware or pottery, a small shipping box would be suitable – possibly one made out of corrugated fiberboard (also called “corrugated cardboard”). If the items being shipped aren’t delicate but heavy like canned goods then a stronger material might be needed along with more cushioning features.


– The Right Place To Go


There are many shipping box manufacturers available. Shipping companies, shipping wholesalers, and shipping supply stores all offer the right shipping cartons for your needs. Also, consider online resources like eBay or Amazon because they have a wide selection of new and used shipping supplies at competitive prices. However, if you’re looking to save some money on shipping costs then buying in bulk is the way to go – especially with sturdy corrugated cardboard shipping boxes that can be reused several times over (although it’s best not to reuse them more than twice).


– Buying In Bulk Saves Money And Time


If time isn’t an issue then visiting different locations such as different retailers, suppliers and warehouses may be worth your but keep in mind this will add shipping time to your shipping costs. If you’re looking to save money and beat the shipping game then consider shopping online for shipping box manufacturers – including shipping supplies in bulk that can be delivered directly to your doorsteps or business location within a few days (depending on where you live).



Shipping companies, wholesalers, and retailers are all good places to find shipping box manufacturers. Also, check out eBay or Amazon if you have some extra time but want to make sure that those new and used shipping materials will meet your needs without breaking the bank account. No matter what type of material is needed for heavy vs light items, there’s always an option available with just a click away!

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Where to find the best shipping box manufacturers in Australia


In Australia, there are a great number of businesses that offer shipping container services. They have been in the business for so long and have a wide network of clients. These include courier companies, postal services, freight forwarders, eBay sellers – basically everyone who ships items from place to place. This is how you can find them:


– Check your local yellow pages for local addresses or contact details of these shipping box manufacturers in Sydney etc. Another easy way would be to ask around your office colleagues if they know any company which offers this service. In case they don’t know one, maybe they know someone who knows how to find the best box manufacturer.


– You could also search online directories such as Australia Business Directory or Corporate World for company details.


– Look through the different directories offered by Google or Yahoo. You could also search on these online directories or ask your friends how they find reputable suppliers of shipping boxes so you can compare their results with yours.


– If you are still unsure, maybe it is time to do thorough research on how to find the best box manufacturers in Australia. The worldwide web has got loads of information that will help you – just type how to find the best box manufacturers in Sydney into any popular search engine and see what comes up! Keep in mind that there are many scams out there so choose wisely how to find the best shipping container suppliers in Brisbane etc.


The following section provides an overview of ten leading manufacturers operating within the Australian market. The list is not exhaustive but does include virtually all the well-known suppliers. Each company’s profile includes a helpful summary of the main business points, a list of products and services provided, information on the company’s background, and contact details.


Top 10 shipping box manufacturers in Australia

1. Austpac Packaging

Austpac Packaging is a leading manufacturer of cardboard corrugated boxes in Australia, with a strong focus on quality as well as superior customer service.

The manufacturing plant located at Dandenong South, near Melbourne, features state-of-the-art machinery that ensures high standard labeling for all their boxes as well as automated packing systems which greatly enhance efficiency throughout the process.

In addition to having some of the best machinery and technology available, Austpac also has a focus on raising the environmental impact of its packaging.


2. Boxlab

Boxlab is a well-established company that manufactures shipping boxes throughout Australia, offering something for both small and large businesses alike.

The wide range of available products includes several different kinds of corrugated cardboard as well as plastic, bubble wrap, and shrink wrapping film; these can all be bought directly from Box Lab or ordered online through their website which provides customers with an easy way to look for specific items or browse according to product type.

As mentioned above, some of the most popular products sold by Boxlab include corrugated cardboard, both with and without white paper lining.


3. Collpack

Collpack is a leading manufacturer of cardboard boxes in Australia that provides a wide range of packaging solutions to businesses throughout the country, ranging from simple one-piece mailers all the way up to large double-walled or triple-walled storage containers.

As can be inferred from their name, they specialize in creating boxes according to customer specifications, meaning you can have custom-designed shipping boxes printed with your company logo and branding as well as promotional messages for clients and customers.

The high-capacity roll forming machines used by Collpack and their excellent workmanship have been responsible for making them a market leader.


4. Mono

Mono is an Australian-owned manufacturer of corrugated packaging products that operate from a plant in Queensland to provide businesses throughout Australia with high-quality cardboard boxes at affordable prices.

Mono was established in 1985 and has since become one of the most trusted suppliers of shipping, storage, and mailing supplies thanks to its consistent focus on ensuring customer satisfaction while offering superior service levels through a highly professional staff working out of its state-of-the-art facility located near Brisbane.

In addition, Mono also offers comprehensive warehousing solutions that give customers the chance to hold their stock in a place that is monitored and maintained by Mono’s dedicated staff.


5. The Packaging Company

The Packaging Company is an Australian company founded in 2003 specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality packaging products such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, paper bags, and corrugated rolls for other companies throughout Australia.

As part of its philosophy on providing high-quality packaging at competitive prices, The Packaging Company has set up a facility that uses some of the most advanced machinery available, including high-speed strapping machines and automatic bagging systems to make sure all orders are shipped out smoothly and quickly.


6. Australian Corrugated Containers

Australian Corrugated Containers is a family-owned business that specializes in the design and manufacturing of automated, state-of-the-art corrugated folding carton machinery for cardboard boxes as well as other packaging products such as POP displays and retail fixtures.

ACB’s machines are designed to be both efficient and easy to operate, making them ideal for use at companies that need to increase their efficiency – by providing high-quality shipping boxes – without spending a great deal of manpower on the process.

In addition, ACB also offers warehousing solutions through its subsidiary ACBS, which provides a wide range of services from warehousing and distribution to inventory management.


7. ProCarton

ProCarton is a leading Australian manufacturer of folding cartons, mailing bags, and other packaging products for both domestic and international orders.

Headquartered in Western Australia, ProCarton also has a production facility located in the Asia Pacific region near Shanghai to ensure quick delivery times with low shipping rates for all customers throughout Asia; this location offers its own warehousing services as well as product design capabilities with an emphasis on meeting local tastes for overseas clients who want high-quality products at affordable prices.


8. Pack & Send

Pack & Send is a leading supplier of packing and shipping supplies, mailroom equipment, and document management services for businesses throughout Australia.

With a comprehensive range of products in stock to suit all budgets, Pack & Send’s experienced staff can help customers choose the right products for their needs at the most affordable prices while also providing expert advice on how they can be best used in order to maximize efficiency and productivity for any company.

As part of its commitment to helping customers conduct business smoothly, Pack & Send also offers warehousing solutions through its subsidiary Westgate Logistics which provides professional inventory management, safety, storage, and distribution services for businesses in need of warehousing.


9. James Parker

James Parker is an Australian packing company offering a wide range of products including specialty packaging, moving supplies, and document storage in addition to its core product lines of corrugated boxes, mailing bags, and other shipping materials.

With over 30 years in the industry, James Parker has become one of Australia’s top packing companies with warehouses strategically located around the country to ensure prompt delivery times for all customers throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, and Adelaide among others.

In addition to its high-quality products at competitive prices that will maximize both savings and productivity for any company, James Parker also offers warehouse solutions through its subsidiary City Flex which provides a wide range of distribution services including inventory management, pick and pack as well as shopping cart assembly.



At PrimePac, we bring together design experts and brand innovators to create fresh ideas, customized packages, and fully efficient processes.

We design creative packaging solutions that cater to a diverse global audience with the in-house knowledge and network of experienced professionals to meet the demands of every type of client.

From our dedicated sales team and warehouse staff in Australia to the experts at our production facilities in China, all of our employees are guided by four core values at the heart of our business: integrity, innovation, passion, and engagement.

With our team in China and Australia working as one, we reduce inefficiency so that you deal with one streamlined team from manufacturing right to delivery.

Service support team located in Guangzhou, the manufacturing hub of China, providing rapid response, and local industry knowledge. Warehouse and 3PL network located in Sydney, to provide rapid distribution, and delivery to your customers.

shipping box Australia

Make sure good quality shipping box manufacturers are chosen


So you have a shipping box that needs to be customized. And the shipping box manufacturers rush starts. A good choice of shipping materials is very important, so always check what type of shipping box manufacturers you require before going ahead and ordering them.


Shipping Box manufacturer: What You Will Need To Know


When shipping box manufacturers are chosen, there are factors that need to be considered for ensuring they work well when transporting goods from one place to another. The first factor is the depth- how far the item will extend into the shipping box.

When shipping fragile items this must never be deeper than five inches or 12cm – if it is deeper then it could crack under pressure and break. If your item can ship in a deeper shipping box then you may choose to use shipping box manufacturers that are six inches deep.


Secondly, shipping boxes wholesale should be chosen on the basis of weight – shipping boxes wholesale must never be heavier than what they can safely hold, so if your package is heavy, ensure shipping boxes wholesale are chosen accordingly.

Also shipping boxes wholesale come in different shapes – square or rectangular shipping box is great for protecting items that have sharp edges, but would not protect an item with curves well.

So shipping box manufacturers must always be chosen according to how it will best suit your item. A square shipping box or rectangular shipping box will ensure that it’s fully protected from all sides. The last factor that needs to be considered is whether you need a shipping box that has absolutely no bottom or has an open bottom.

shipping box with no bottom can be used if the item needs to be seen i.e for clothing, but shipping boxes wholesale which have an open bottom are more suitable for shipping items that need to stand up like trophies.


There are numerous shipping box manufacturers in Australia. They all offer different types of boxes with varying benefits and costs.


As you can imagine, there is no one size fits all. Every business has unique requirements when it comes to shipping boxes. One business might require smaller boxes for say, mail-outs or samples while another may need larger ones for moving office equipment. Another business might only ship overseas, in which case they will require custom-designed international packaging not available on the market (i.e box tailored specifically for their destination country).