In shipping, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. One of the most important is designing your shipping box – not just for function but also for design! In this blog post, we will explore different ways that you can stand out from the crowd with shipping box design ideas.

The benefits of Shipping Box Design

The shipping box design is a process that involves designing of container, carton, or packaging, which holds the product being transported. Shipping boxes are usually designed to safely transport products from one location to another.   Shipping Box Design is an integral part of the Shipping Management System.


The advantages of Shipping Box Design are as follows:

– Shipping Boxes enhance the brand image by high quality and attractive design.

– Shipping Boxes highlight product features and provide necessary information about the product.


– Shipping Boxes protect contents during shipment.

– Shipping Boxes can be customized according to client requirements

Customized shipping box designs provide more options for customization depending on its purpose like home delivery, storage/warehouse solutions, etc.; they also help in branding a company by portraying its values and culture. Shipping Box Designs provides better protection to the product shipped by reducing the risk of physical damage during shipment. Shipping Box Designing is playing an important role in reducing package size thus saving valuable space during shipment, converting a bulk quantity of products into small packages, and also making products safer from theft or pilferage due to their uniform sizes.


Customized Shipping Container  The customized shipping container are available in various materials like corrugated cardboard products, Fibre drums, fiber boxes products, etc.; each material has its own unique quality that suits different Shipping applications.


Standard Shipping Packaging  Standard Shipping Packaging is a process that aims at designing a standard box for a specific Shipping application. Shipping packaging standards are developed and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Shipping Box Design standard has been defined in ISO 668:1995. These standards help to increase the efficiency and interoperability of Shipping applications, which will ultimately lead to cost reduction.

Shipping box custom

The importance of Shipping Box Design

Ideas go beyond their look. Shipping boxes are regularly used for transporting items in bulk, also known as shipping lots. Shipping boxes are typically made of cardboard or Styrofoam, with the former being more popular in most instances. Of course, when you ship a lot of goods to customers, your Shipping Box Design Ideas matter!


– Shipping Box Design Ideas  are regularly used for transporting items in bulk


Shipping boxes have many purposes, but they all revolve around protecting your product(s) during transportation.

The box itself needs to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel and protect its contents from damage or harm that could be caused by dropping it, placing heavy objects on top of it, etc…

But even if the Shipping Box Design Ideas are strong enough to protect the product, Shipping Box Design Ideas still needs to look good.

If a Shipping Box Design Idea looks bad or cheaply made, your customer might lose confidence in your brand and decide not to purchase from you again. Shipping boxes also have the function of protecting the address on the Shipping Box Design from exposure to elements such as rain and snow during transit, which can result in smudging certain parts of the Shipping Box Address.


1) Shipping box size matters


Shipping boxes come in all shapes and sizes depending on shipping volume, Shipping Box Packaging Materials, Shipping Box Number Of Pieces, Shipping Box Purpose (moving vs storage), etc… Always make sure that whatever Shipping Box Design Ideas you choose will accommodate your product(s) appropriately. Shipping Box Measurements are more of a suggestion than hard-and-fast rules, but they typically range from 10 inches wide by 7 inches tall to 12 inches wide by 20 inches tall.


2) Shipping Box Packaging Materials


Shipping boxes can be made of different Shipping Box Packaging Materials, which affects Shipping Box Strength. Cardboard Shipping Boxes are the most common type of Shipping Box Design Ideas. If you use cardboard, make sure it’s between 24 and 32 pounds in weight. Also consider using recycled shipping materials, as this is good for the environment and helps cut Shipping Costs. Styrofoam Shipping Boxes are another option; with these Shipping Box Packaging Materials, though, you’ll need to make Shipping Box Shipping Tape Measurements several inches larger to accommodate for space that needs to be filled in with cushioning material.


3) Shipping Box Strength


Your Shipping Box Design Ideas need to be strong enough to protect your product(s) during Shipping Box Transport. Shipping box strength is measured in Shipping Box Material Density, which is the weight of a Shipping Box Material in pounds divided by the cubic foot measurement of Shipping Box Material Volume.

A high density indicates a high level of durability. For instance, corrugated cardboard has a density of about 60 pounds per cubic foot; this means cardboard packing boxes are an appropriate choice when you’re shipping light items like pillows or light bulbs (items that won’t be damaged if dropped). If, on the other hand, you’re shipping heavy items like cast iron skillets (items that can be damaged if dropped) or extra-large appliances like stoves and washing machines (items that are large and bulky), consider using Shipping Box Strength Shipping Box Material Density between 100 and 120 pounds per cubic foot.

Shipping Box Design Ideas: Three Ways to Stand Out


Shipping may be a necessary evil for many eCommerce companies, but it doesn’t have to be so boring. Shipping boxes are usually plain and standard-sized, so why not stand out from the crowd?


There are many ways to make your shipping box more appealing – you just need some creativity! Here are three ideas you should try to give your customers a positive first impression of your business.


1. Make an Outline Shipping Box Design Idea


This technique is simple yet effective! Just print out your logo or another eye-catching image on paper, lay it on top of your box, then outline the shape with a marker pen. Once you peel off the paper, voila! A customized design that definitely catches people’s attention!


2. Make Shipping Box Design that is Custom-Coloured


If you have a store, then surely you probably have some “house” colors? Why not make your shipping box design in this color scheme? Not only does it emphasize the fact that it’s from your business, but people will also associate these colors with your company name!


3. Pick Shipping Box Design with Interesting Artwork


You don’t have to print a logo on a customized shipping box – sometimes a picture can say more than words! If you’re looking for Shipping Box Templates, there are plenty of websites that offer free downloadable templates or provide custom printing services. There are even artistic styles where the art fills the entire box – perfect for creative business owners!

Shipping Box Design Ideas

Tips on Shipping Box Design Ideas

Tip 1:  Think About Your Customers’ Needs


You’ll be able to attract more customers – and keep them – if you think about what they value most. Your business has a unique offer, but how is it different from the hundreds of other offers out there? What does your company do better than any other? If you can’t answer that question, then you’re not ready to attract the right type of customers into your business.


Tip 2: Shipping Box Design Ideas: Professional-looking Packaging


One of the Shipping Box Design ideas is professional-looking Packaging by custom boxes packaging design. If you have a professional packager or designer help with Shipping Boxes Packaging, their stylish designs will leave an impression on potential customers. A good package needs good material and not just look amazing but also create in buyers’ mind so they can recall your Shipping Boxes Stand Out.


Tip 3:  Shipping Box Design Ideas: Good Label Design


A Shipping Label is the first thing that customers see when they receive Shipping Boxes. You must be very careful about Shipping Labels to make Shipping Boxes Stand Out. A great label should be simple and easy to read with distinct color contrast and sized properly. To give customers a good impression of your business, you have to Shipping Labels attractive text and graphics that help them remember it long after unpacking Shipping Boxes. You can also use Shipping Labels as another way to present Shipping Box Design ideas. There are many free repositories on the Internet where you can find ready-made labels for printing or download design templates from other companies’ sites.


Tip 4:  Shipping Box Design ideas: Personalized Shipping Boxes


The last Shipping Box Design idea is personalization Shipping.  Shipping is one of the best ways to Stand Out as a small business owner, and can really give your business a great first impression on customers by Shipping personalized Shipping Boxes that will attract their attention and leave them with a good impression of your company. You can put your logo on Shipping Boxes, add your contact information, and even photos on Shipping Labels. Whenever they see it later, they will think about you and what you’re offering.


There are many other Shipping Box Design ideas that you could come up with. Keeping these things in mind when Shipping Packaging should help improve sales for any size company or product line. Shipping Boxes are important for business, so Shipping Box Design ideas will be the best choice to win customers’ hearts.



Shipping Boxes Ideas for a clean and professional look that will make a lasting impression on your customers from the very first opening of the box! It has been said that first impressions are crucial when it comes to making a lasting impression with your customer base, so every detail counts – including your shipping boxes and their design ideas!