Primepac has a range of takeaway packaging products that are particularly suited for the fast-food industry. Primepac offers a wide selection of burger boxes, chip boxes, soup containers, condiment containers, snack boxes, etc. Whether you’re looking for fast food packaging for a coffee shop or tea house, Japanese food, south-east Asian food takeaway for Italian takeaway, Primepac has you covered. Come shop our high-quality food-grade take away container (which can be branded to your business) now!

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Primepac carries a wide variety of takeaway packaging materials such as plastic, cardboard, and Styrofoam, as well as biodegradable and sustainable alternatives like paper and bamboo.

Our take out containers come in a range of food-safe options, including foam boxes, foil containers, paper take out boxes, sturdy plastic containers and lids, bagasse boxes, Chinese take-out containers, deli containers, coffee to-go boxes, bottle carriers and more!

Whether you’re looking for high-end takeaway packaging or go to wares for a casual fast food joint, Primepac offers the perfect packaging that can be customized using sleeves, stickers, stamps, labels or a variety of printing techniques to decorate your containers.




With Primepac, you can design your perfect fast-food takeaway packaging with the pick of your material, size, shape, dimensions, and colour. Primepac’s takeaway packaging is an easy way to achieve unique customization on fast food containers.

Primepac offers a plethora of takeaway packaging items which means that we can provide different packaging solutions based on the specific and unique demands of your food or catering businesses. With Primepac's ability to customize all your takeaway and to-go container needs, Primepac is truly your business's one-stop shop!

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Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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