TOP 8 Reasons Why Custom Sticker is Significant


No matter you run your business in brick and mortar stores, or at an e-commerce platform online, how you represent your products is the key point for the product selling.

Packaging plays an important role in the representation of your products. The function of protecting and carrying products is not all the function of the packaging. Besides, it also serves as a significant tool to leave a deep impression on the customers and establish your brand image.

To some extent, the stickers are part of the packaging. Custom stickers can make your products stand out among all competitors and let the consumers take your product from the shelves and give a closer look.

A survey found that 68% of consumers will notice the stickers on the surface of the packaging. After catching customers’ attention, the text on the label must explain all the things customers want to know, just like what’s the product all about, the material of the products, the benefits, and so on.

60% of customers would not buy the products if the label does not provide enough information.

That’s why custom sticker is so important for product selling. In this article, we will share some content about the label, including why it is so important and some tips about how to design an attractive label.

Custom Sticker

8 Reasons For The Importance Of Stickers

As we all know, Stickers and labels are the channel we get information about products, but other than the information expression, a high-quality label can do a lot more.

Many companies, will underestimate the importance of labels and stickers “Why should I pay much attention to the labels, which only used for providing information”. That’s a big mistake, when you invest in quality stickers and labels, you can achieve unexpected results in your branding and marketing.

Stickers and labels always are customizable. They have different shapes and sizes. The stickers cannot only be used in the product packaging, it can also be a stick in other places.

Here we will share 8 benefits custom stickers can provide

1. Multiple uses

As we have mentioned above, stickers can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes. The versatility is a big advantage, which enables the business owners to use them in various circumstances. From trade shows to the packaging of your products.

As a worthwhile tool for promotion, Stickers should not be ignored if you consider holding a promotional campaign.

2. Provide information

There are two kinds of information provided by the labels.

The first kind is the basic information, including the brand name, the registered trademark symbol, standard certifications, package size, and content, product features, nutritional information for food products and supplements, the potential presence of allergens and additives, type and style of the product, number of servings, care instructions, directions for use and safety precautions, the name and address of the manufacturer, expiration date, seals of approval, and other facts.

This information is used to convince the customers that the products are safe and fresh.

The second kind of information is not that necessary for the knowledge of products, but they boast of selling.

Custom Sticker is a  good channel to provide additional information for the customers. Anything possible for the improvement of sales can be printed on stickers and labels, such as detail, discount, etc.

Such a sticker with this information enables the customers easier to get the information which you want to express. By the way, the choice of sticker color is an important point to achieve a good result.

3. Useful on trade shows

As a business owner, it’s unavoidable to join in different kinds of trade shows or exhibitions. In such circumstances, well-designed custom stickers can be a powerful weapon to attract customers.

Compared with the Portfolio which takes people more time in reading, charming stickers can even serve as a business card or flyer, expressing a specific message to your target directly. You can also put the stickers into the Portfolio as a supplement.

4. Improve brand recognition

Brand recognition is one of the most vital factors in branding.

Just take Nike as an example, What will occur to your mind when we talk about this brand? I believe that most answer is “swash”.

That’s it. Using the labels and stickers with the company logo or values of the company is a good way to improve brand recognition.

Using the stickers in the proper place. The more people see the familiar stickers with the company name and logo, the more it will leave a deep impression on the customers. They will share it with others and that’s the way to establish brand recognition.

5. Affordable

One of the advantages of stickers and labels is low cost.

You can spend a relatively low price to achieve even the same result as the other promotional activity.

6. Enduring value

Experience an enchanting world of captivating stickers and labels tailored to your desires. Choose from mesmerizing Kiss Cut, striking Die Cut, illustrious Domed 3D, and resilient Thermal Stickers. Shape your imagination with round, square, or custom-shaped designs.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of materials, including rustic kraft paper, artistic art paper, textured paper, metallic foil, synthetic paper, and plastic. Our craftsmanship shines through vivid full-color prints, elegant foil stamping, captivating embossing, and mesmerizing spot UV effects.

Radiant gloss, sophisticated matte, charming kraft texture, or resplendent metallic finishes add the perfect touch. With waterproof and freezer-grade options, your message endures any challenge. Let well-designed stickers become enduring advertisements that captivate hearts and minds.

Unleash your creativity with enticingly low prices and immerse yourself in a world of expressive stickers and labels.

7. Be more competitive

Other than the Packaging of the products, labels on the packaging are also a significant eye-catching point.

Custom Stickers with proper design can help your products stand out among the competitors on the shelf.

8. Call to action

There is one way to take full advantage of the stickers and labels is by using them as the direct call to action.

Printing the discount information or promotional offer on a sticker and adding it to a flyer that has the contact details are a good process of promotion.

People will be encouraged to get further information by the discount information on the charming stickers and contact the store through the contact details from the flyer.

Advice for the design of label

1. Where do you want to use the labels

Transform your products into attention-grabbing masterpieces with our versatile range of branding solutions. From bottles, jars, and tubes to seal labels, name labels, business card labels, and birthday labels, we have everything you need to make a lasting impression.

But before you finalize your labels designs, consider the context in which they will be used. A label designed for a trade show should be distinct from one used to showcase discounts. In other words, think about where your customers will encounter these labels.

Imagine your labels in various scenarios, and tailor the content accordingly. By doing so, each label becomes a powerful tool in specific situations, maximizing its potential impact.

Capture the attention of trade show visitors amidst a sea of booths and products. Our eye-catching labels will entice them to pause at your display and discover what you have to offer. For customers who have already purchased from your store, our label designs take a different direction, focusing on building brand loyalty and enhancing their overall experience.

Attract, engage, and delight your target audience with labels that speak directly to their needs and desires. Elevate your brand’s identity and create a lasting connection through thoughtfully designed labels and packaging.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a statement. Let our premium labels be your brand’s voice wherever they go.

2. Choose colours that reflect your brand

Both packaging and labels should reflect the values of the company. Let’s take the colour of the stickers as an example, if you are running a company that focuses on environmentally friendly food, then green would be a better choice for your product packaging and stickers.

Just try to imagine that if you choose the colour grey. When your customer receives the products of pollution-free food with grey packaging and labels, how would they feel?

Other than the harmony between the color and marketing materials, we should focus on the little details. No matter how limited space is for the labels, you should design the labels well enough for the delivery of your company values.

3. Decide what emotions you want to communicate

We all know that the labels need to provide some necessary information to the customers, including product name, ingredients, and so on. On the other hand, we should focus more on the emotional message delivered by the labels when people read them. We can list some example of such emotions like happiness, steady, love and other.

Here we will provide tips for you to test what kind of emotions your labels can deliver.

You can ask different people to take a look at the design of the labels and express their emotional impression of the labels. It would be better if they can accept the test when they are in a steady emotion, which can avoid the problem caused by their existed emotion. When you gather enough information from the test from different people, you can make a more rational choice about the design. IF the main emotion is unexpected, you should consider designing the label again.

4. Provide better experience for customers

We believe that It’s exciting to receive a package with the products we bought, especially when we buy the product online. Receiving the package, opening the box, take the product outside the package and see them for the first time. Such a process can make a great difference to how customers feel about the product provider. Other than the product quality, packaging and Custom Stickers are the factors you should attach great importance to, which effectively improves the shopping experience of customers. When you consider the design of stickers, think about the process of unboxing. Where will the customers see your labels and stickers, what kind of information should we provide.

5. Learn from your own shopping experience

Can you remember one of your shopping experiences that leaves a deep impression on you?

You can also ask your friends about such a problem to gather more information.

And then you can try to analyze the reason why the unboxing of these products is memorable, the texture of the box? The color of the labels or stickers? You can borrow ideas from the experience.


Through this article, we have shared the content about the custom sticker, which is important to the marketing.

We have listed 8 reasons why the business owner should pay attention to the custom sticker and some tips about the design of the label.

If you are hesitating about the investment in the labels, this article can solve your problems. If you still have other questions, please feel free to contact us through email or telephone, we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your reading!