Primepac can help you with all your vial packaging needs! Vials are perfect for storing small amounts, and are widely used in the product packaging industry for personal and commercial needs – including pharmaceutical, health and beauty needs. Vials can also be used to store liquids and pill forms of products such as medicines or chemicals, and they are often used in laboratories and testing facilities. Primepac’s assortment of vials come in all different sizes, styles, types, and materials.

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Our glass vials come in clear or coloured options. Vials made of glass or plastic are available. For a more durable option able to withstand rougher handling and transportation, Primepac’s plastic vials are a sensible option.

Stickers, labels, embossing and custom printing are all options for putting your company’s logo on our customizable plastic and glass jars vials.

Primepac offers the best assortment of glass and plastic vials, with various closure options. Dropper vial options include the plastic dropper insert or the black bulb dropper, also known as a pipette. Our vials can also be fitted with flat caps, corks, or roller tops (which are great for rolling on essential oils or perfumes). We also offer screw thread vials.




Vials are a truly versatile package. Our vials come with options of glass vials or plastic vials, a range of sizes and a range of closures (including screw caps, droppers, pipettes, cork tops, roller and flat caps).

  • Various closures
  • Different finishes
  • Custom printing

Vials are a versatile package meeting the needs of numerous industries with a range of personal and commercial uses. From storing a small volume of any kind of liquid, including aromatherapy, essential oil blends, exotic spices, and perfumes to transporting cosmetics like creams and lotions, or small food items like candy and mints vials are a fantastic packaging solution.

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Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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