Stand-Up Pouch

Stand-up pouches and bags are popular due to their unique and practical design, made from flexible materials that stand upright on shelves. They are a versatile option for packaging products such as food, beverages, snacks, pet food, and beauty items. Their lightweight and compact design makes them an                 eco-friendly choice, producing less waste and requiring less transportation. Overall, stand-up pouches and bags are a sustainable and visually appealing option for companies and consumers seeking innovative packaging solutions.

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At PrimePac, we offer high-quality, customization design of pouches and bags, with many different feature choices, from spouts to rails and closures.

First, our engineers will look at your product’s usage, its life cycle, and your company’s fill process. Then we’ll work individually with you to design the perfect pouch, using our full array of technical services, such as:

Advanced Prototyping
Compatibility Testing
Burst & Drop Testing
Pouch Sizing Design

We have access to a wide range of the most modern remade pouch tools for both manufacturing and testing. Whether your product is liquid, solid, or powdered, we create the most effective stand-up pouch solution.

Stand-up pouches are perfect for various foods and non-food items. It keep the contents fresh, display your brand with catchy graphics, and take up minimal space in storage and on shelves, leading to significant freight savings.

Customizable stand-up pouches for food packaging offer printable surface on three sides, with clear/solid color options and built-in windows. Choose from enhancements like re-closable zippers and hang holes. Request a free sample today!

Our Stand-up pouches are perfect for solid and liquid foods, and even merchandise. With food-grade laminates, they’re safe and versatile. Extend the shelf life of your products with optional reclosable zippers or add a degassing valve to turn it into a coffee bag.


Looking for pro help in designing attractive and effective packaging? PrimePac’s experts can create stunning packaging from various options. Contact us now!

Foil barrier pouch
Inverted pouch
Wicket pouch
Frangible seal pouch
Multi-compartment pouch
Rippa zippa stand pouch
Shaped pouch
Spouted pouch
Liquid pouch
Printed pouch
Box pouch
Retort pouch
Reclosable pouch (zipper, hook & loop, slider, press-to-close)

PRIMEPAC offers effective stand-up pouch solutions for all product types, whether it's liquid, solid, or powdered.

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Suitable for all these markets & more

Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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