Elevate your brand with Primepac versatile, high-quality jars for skincare, cosmetics, hair care, pharmaceuticals, and food. Choose from various styles and materials (glass, PET, PE, PCR, acrylic) to match your brand’s aesthetic. Customize with printing, painting, caps, labels, and finishes for a refined look. Our recyclable jars prioritize environmental responsibility. Suitable for a wide range of products, they offer unmatched quality, functionality, customization, and sustainability. Contact us to discuss your packaging needs and find the perfect solution for your success.

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Enhance your brand with our premium jars for skincare, cosmetics, hair care, pharmaceuticals, and food. Our durable glass and plastic jars, along with a variety of closures, provide secure and functional packaging options that match your brand’s aesthetic.

The size of the jar varies depending on your wants and needs, and a variety of closures are available for different use.

Customize and brand your products with our printing methods and captivating finishes. Our recyclable jars, including those made from recycled PCR plastic, prioritize sustainability. Ideal for various products, our jars offer quality, functionality, customization, and sustainability.




Choose the size, shape, and colour of your glass or plastic jar, as well as the lid type that best suits you and your customer’s needs. From jam jars to quart mason jars, from frosted glass to crystal clear plastic, Primepac is your home for jar packaging solutions.

  • Various closures
  • Different finishes
  • Custom printing

Primepac's jars serve a wide variety of uses and occasions, from wedding and party favour gifts to storing homemade pickles, mustards, flavoured vinegars, sauces, jams, and jellies. Choose from glass and plastic options, in a myriad of colours, shapes, and sizes, for an ideal package option for anything that needs to be saved, stored, shipped, or gifted.

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Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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