Shop Primepac’s selection of cans, which include popular aluminium beverage cans, round cans, aerosol cans, cone top cans, F-style cans, monotop cans, paint cans, steel food cans, and ink tin cans. Primepac’s sturdy and dependable metal cans are the ideal packaging solution for many needs in the automotive, paint/ coating, and food and beverage packaging industries to name a few. Our cans are practical and durable, easy to handle, seal, and recycle.

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Primepac utilizes tin, aluminium, and steel metals which are sturdy and durable. They are extremely light weight, portable, reduce the risk of breakage, and chill very quickly.

Primepac also offers a variety of ends, including easy-open ends (no can opener required!), peelable ends (grasp the tab to gently peel open), and sanitary ends for all food can sizes.

Primepac’s high-quality metal cans are the perfect surface to affix your brand’s logo to. Logos, brand names, art, and/or ingredients can be printed directly on the can or shrink-wrap labels or adhesive labels can be used.




We offer everything from food grade cans to industrial metal container cans. Cans and their metal ends can be customized to a variety of sizes. Primepac also offer a variety of metals including tin, aluminium, and steel.

  • Different shapes
  • High-quality material
  • Custom printing

Cans, including Primepac’s large selection of tin, aluminium, steel, and mixed metal cans, are an ideal packaging solution for food, beverage, household, medicinal and industrial use. They are air tight, light in weight, highly portable, recyclable, and completely customizable. Choose Primepac for your commercial, private, or industrial can packaging solutions.

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Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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